Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 15 May 2021 - Answer Digitally

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

  1. Which of these institutes recently launched ‘Anandam: The Center for Happiness’?

a. IIT Kanpur.
b. IIM Shillong.
c. IIT Gandhinagar.
d. IIM Jammu.

Answer. d. IIM Jammu.

  1. Lakhta Center, Europe’s tallest tower was build in which country?

a. Sweden.
b. Russia.
c. France.
d. Germany.

Answer. b. Russia.

  1. Mount Merapi, which recently erupted, is an active volcano in which country?

a. Indonesia.
b. Japan.
c. Colombia.
d. Congo.

Answer. a. Indonesia.

  1. These wrinkles near the eye are commonly called what?

a. Chicken’s Legs.
b. Devil’s Nails.
c. Crow’s Feet.
d. Pigeon thorns

Answer. c. Crow’s Feet.

  1. Which two characters dropped crumbs of this in the forest and then were lured into a witch’s home?

a. Jo March and Laurie.
b. Snow White and Rapunzel.
c. Hansel and Gretel.
d. Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter.

Answer. c. Hansel and Gretel.

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