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Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

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amazon quiz answers today

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Who was given the Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2020?

a. Yohei Sasakawa.
b. Chandi Prasad Bhatt.
c. Sheikh Mujbur Rahman.
d. Bindeshwar Pathak.

Answer. c. Sheikh Mujbur Rahman.

The Danish Red Cross has launched a ‘ first-of-a-kind catastrophe bond for what kind of disasters?

a. Volcanic eruptions.
b. Tsunamis.
c. Wildfires.
d. Ice stroms.

Answers. a. Volcanic eruptions.

Which country recently launched one of the world’s biggest underwater neutrino telescopes called the Baikal-GVD?

a. China.
b. Russia.
c. France.
d. Japan.

Answer. b. Russia.

This object is associated with what zodiac sun sign?

a. Leo.
b. Cancer.
c. Aries.
d. Sagittarius.

Answer. d. Sagittarius.

How many freshwater ‘Great Lakes’ does the continent, where this country is situated have?

a. Seven.
b. Five.
c. Twelve.
d. Two.

Answer. b. Five.

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