Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 25 May 2021 - Answer Digitally
Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 25 May 2021

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 25 May 2021 | Answer and Win 5000

  1. The Indian government has launched a gamified app called ‘Little Guru‘ that enables the user to learn which language?

a. Sanskrit.
b. Hindi.
c. English.
d. Pali.

Answer. a. Sanskrit.

  1. Chole Zhao became only the second woman, and the first woman of colour, to win the BAFTA for best director for which film?

a. Wonder Woman.
b. Nomadland.
c. The Hurt Locker.
d. Now and Then.

Answer. b. Nomadland.

  1. What day is celebrated on April 10 every year on the birth anniversary of German physician Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann?

a. World Surgeon Day.
b. World Cancer Day.
c. World Homeopathy Day.
d. World Sanitization Day.

Answer. c. World Homeopathy Day.

  1. The shape of this famous building in Moscow is similar to the shape of what?

a. DNA.
b. Parachute.
c. Kidney.
d. Hourglass.

Answer. a. DNA.

  1. What is the collective noun used for group of these birds?

a. Kettle.
b. Parliament.
c. Murder.
d. Rafter.

Answer. d. Rafter.

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