Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 26 April 2021 - Answer Digitally
Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 26 April 2021

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | Win 10000 Amazon Pay Balance | 26 April 2021

During Easter, confectioners in which country often make chocolate likenesses of the rabbit-sized marsupial – the Bilby?

a. Romania.
b. Jamaica.
c. Turkey.
d. Australia.

Answer. d. Australia.

Pandit Ravi Shankar was born on April 7th, in which city is known as a pilgrimage spot?

a. Varanasi.
b. Ujjain.
c. Puri.
d. Madurai.

Answer. a. Varanasi.

Amid COVID – 19 concerns, which tournament usually the first Masters 1000 event of the ATP season was postponed?

a. Miami Open.
b. Indian Wells.
c. Monte Carlo Open.
d. Shanghai Masters.

Answer. b. Indian Wells.

Which is this animal, that one may encounter on the way to Mount Everest?

a. Markhor
b. Mountain Goat.
c. Yak.
d. Llama

Answer. c. Yak.

This is a memorial dedicated to which great leader?

a. Martin Luther King Jr.
b. Malcolm X.
c. James Baldwin.
d. James Baldwin.

Answer. a. Martin Luther King Jnr.

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