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amazon quiz answers today, amazon quiz

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

amazon quiz answers today, amazon quiz
  1. You can use Alexa to discover funzone, if you have a phone with which of these operating systems?

a. Android.
b. iOS.
c. Symbian.
d. Tizen.

Answer. a. Android.

  1. May 1st is observed as the foundation day of Maharashtra. It is also the foundation day for which of these states?

a. Gujarat.
b. Goa.
c. Rajasthan.
d. Madhya Pradesh.

Answer. a. Gujarat.

  1. Goals from Mason Mount and Timo Werner in the 2nd leg sealedd which team’s passage into their first UEFA Champions League final scored 2012?

a. Manchester City.
b. Chelsea.
c. Manchester United.
d. Arsenal.

Answer. Arsenal

  1. Which famous person born on May 7th was the first Asian to win Nobel Prize for Literature?

a. Bi Felyu.
b. Rabindranath Tagore.
c. Shin Kyung-sook
d. Haruki Murakami.

Answer. b. Rabindranath Tagore.

  1. Name this musical instrument.

a. Trumpet.
b. Clarinet.
c. Saxophone.
d. Xylophone.

Answer. c. Saxophone.

  1. These wrinkles near the eye are commonly called what?

a. Chicken’s Legs.
b. Devil’s Nails.
c. Crow’s Feet.
d. Pigeon Thorns.

Answer. c. Crow’s Feet.

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