Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 4 May 2021 - Answer Digitally
Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 4 May 2021

Amazon quiz answers today

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 4 May 2021

Which two rivers will be connected under the first project of the National River Linking Project?

a. Ken and Betwa.
b. Godavari and Krishna.
c. Mahanadi and Godavari.
d. Brahmaputra and Hooghly.

Answer. a. Ken and Betwa.

Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea, which won the Best Feature Film award at the 67th National Film Awards, is made in which language?

a. Tamil.
b. Telugu.
c. Malayalam.
d. Konkani.

Answer. c. Malayalam.

Which international organisation recently adopted ‘Sinatra Doctrine’ to counter China’s growing influence in Europe?

a. Red Cross.
b. European Union.
c. Nato.
d. ESA.

Answer. b. European Union.

Extending this branch to someone means that you extend to them what?

a. Good wishes.
b A full life
c. Peace.
d. Offense.

Answer. c. Peace.

What is this type of cat called?

a. Bombay Cat.
b. Munchkin.
c. Bengal Cat.
d. British Shorthair.

Answer. c. Bengal Cat.

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