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An unintentional mistake 😔

an unintentional mistake😔

(short story)

sometimes we make mistakes without realizing it. and time passes before we realize that mistake. that mistake teaches us a lesson forever.©️©️©️

this is a mistake that I made. I (Priya) have already done something in my life and have to stand on my own two feet. the goal was to become “independent.” and I reached the peak of my goal, too.©️©️©️

I got a job in a new company in Mumbai. everyone was happy at home, but my parents were under a lot of tension because of my loneliness. when I said i would manage everything, my father explained to my mother. and I left for mumbai.©️©️©️

when I got there, I wanted to find my room. i got a room on the 4th floor of a society 2 hours away from the office. my room had a gallery and i could see children playing downstairs, but the galleries were close by.©️©️

when everything was set up, i was standing in the gallery and telling my mother on all the phones. my attention was drawn to the side gallery, where an uncle was standing and looking at me. i came in talking and closed the gallery door. woke up early the next morning. today was my first day at the office.©️©️©️

the maid came, she was busy with her work, i went to the gallery with a mug of coffee, again she started looking at me while reading uncle’s paper. feeling a little odd …..©️©️
i immediately went inside and got ready, and left for the office. i had to take a bus for some distance to the office. as i was going to the bus stop, i saw a place where i could get a nice vada pav, and there is a nice crowd, so i thought of taking it. and left for the office. the first day in the office new people new place all seemed great overall.©️©️

on my way back from the office in the evening, i came to the room with a parcel of vadapav, freshened up and enjoyed vadapav. i thought that if i go to the office every day, i will have breakfast so that i can have breakfast and if i look in the gallery, uncle was looking at my gallery. i didn’t feel well anymore. their constant gaze at my gallery no longer mattered.©️©️
the next day i wanted to leave for the office, i hurried, i had work in the gallery, but the thought came to me that if they were there again and when i looked at them, they were really standing. i was angry. and as soon as i left in front, they followed me. as soon as i stopped for vadapav, they also came there. seeing them, i left immediately and reached the bus stop. as soon as i got on the bus, i saw from the bus that they stayed behind.©️©️©️
in the evening, i was coming from the office to the bus stop and looking around like me. as if they are standing where they are, and they are standing in the gallery. i was scared of them now, i was wondering if i should talk to them ??? uncle, why are you doing this? do you like my father’s age? but, i fall asleep thinking.©️©️

the next day the maid comes. i ask her about them but she says she didn’t work for them, she doesn’t say anything bad about him, and so i stop thinking about it. but today in the gallery i was staring at it and even smiling at it made me feel very strange. i came in unnoticed.©️©️

as i walked into the office, i noticed that it looked a little different than usual today. and standing down, i put my neck down and go straight, they also start walking, i take vadapav. vadapav always pays that vadapav man says, your money is paid. i ask who paid ??? so he gestures to them and says, they gave. now i was angry. i told him in anger to take my money from me. and he looks at his uncle angrily.©️©️

they were walking very close to me now, and they stopped me with their hands on my shoulders. i was so angry that i shouted at them. the stuff in their hands fell down. i saw it was a greeting and some chocolate. do you like it !!! ever since i came to live in this society, you have been constantly staring at my gallery. and today you crossed the line, i’m your daughter’s age, do you know anything, you were just listening to it. the crowd gathered to see me screaming, and everyone started shouting at them and i got out of there.©️©️©️

when i got to the office, i started thinking that my mind was not working. what was their mindset and i was scared by this thought. when i came to the room in the evening, i did not see it anywhere, and when i came to your room, it was no longer in the gallery. i thought they must have understood now.©️©️

some days go by like this. my daily routine starts, but when i go to the gallery, i keep paying attention, whether it is standing or not. but now it was not like that, i was convinced of it. it was almost 12 to 15 days, i didn’t see it. it was sunday. was sitting on a chair. and watching children’s games. then my attention went to the writing on the chair where it was written, “samarprit in memory of kimaya” and the date was written. after reading it, i left and thought that you didn’t talk to that uncle but gave him no time to speak and it was seen for many days. no, we could lovingly understand them.©️©️

i wanted to talk to them about this so i turned to their building. i went to their floor and rang the doorbell. a woman opens the door, i ask if there is an uncle ???? she is his daughter-in-law. she says that baba !!!! no, he committed suicide 3 or 4 days ago. this shocked me. what, how, when did i ask her all this? she said she was very happy for a few days, we thought that she must be coming out of kimya’s grief. then it happened suddenly. who is kimaya ???? she then pointed to a photo on the wall and said that it was her daughter who had died in the accident. and baba was living here alone in her grief. when I asked her about the chair in the garden, she also said that baba had planted it in her memory.©️©️

but why did baba suddenly do that? we got this greeting from him, it was the same greeting that fell from his hands. when I opened it, it said, “son !!!!! I remembered my Kimaya when I saw you. she seemed to be like you, and today is her birthday. on that occasion, I greet you today with my Kimaya.” I got my Kimaya back.©️©️
and seeing that, tears started flowing from my eyes !!! from my hands, what did I do … and I left crying because now if I had to apologize to someone, that uncle would not be there anymore …..©️©️©️

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