Buddha Jayanti Quiz | 24 May 2021 - Answer Digitally
Buddha Jayanti Quiz | 24 May 2021

Budda Jayanti Quiz | Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 24 May 2021

  1. In which country is the birth of Buddha celebrated on April 8 and takes place along with the flower festival Hanamatsuri?

a. China.
b. Malaysia.
c. Japan.
d. Indonesia.

Answer. c. Japan.

  1. By which of these names is the Buddha also known as?

a. Shakyamuni.
b. Narada Muni.
c. Kapil Muni.
d. Agastya Muni.

Answer. a. Shakyamuni.

  1. Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini is now in which modern day country?

a. India.
b. Pakistan.
c. Sri Lanka.
d. Nepal.

Answer. d. Nepal.

  1. One Pali text that gives details on the life of the Buddha is the Mahaparinibbana-sutta. What is the meaning of the name of the text?

a. The First Sermon.
b. Discourse of the Final Nirvana.
c. Buddha’s vision.
d. Discourse on the early years.

Answer. b. Discourse of the Final Nirvana.

  1. The Temple of the Sacred Tooth, believed to house a tooth of the Buddha is located in which city?

a. Kandy.
b. Colombo.
c. Chennai.
d. Kathmandu.

Answer. a. Kandy.

  1. The Buddha founded an order of monks and nuns known as the __. Fill in the blanks

a. Sangha.
b. Sansar.
c. Jataka.
d. Ashram.

Answer. a. Sangha.

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