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coffee and more

Coffee….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This became an important part of his life because the small excuses of coffee were always the reason for his big visit. And it was through such a small visit that it finally became a habit to meet every day.
And finding the reason, they both started meeting every day. And they fixed the place for their coffee to visit. Naturally, there is no tension that a person does not even know how to get involved in it and when he falls. In this impression, the vehicles became pleasant memories for both of them.

And why not.. Love remained tight on both sides. It remained unstoppable. It stayed forever.
He and she… with
Coffee and more.!!!!!

Sweet Shi’s love story was with the two of them. She was introduced to Sunil at a school where she had gone to distribute chocolates to the children on the occasion of her birthday. And since Sunil was connected with an angio, he was there to distribute school uniforms.

The two of them were distributing things to the children. The eyes met. He said hello… I am Sunil
And she introduced you Hello I am inspired.
Sunil. . . I….. I have come here today because of the connection with Angio. You.
prerna …… I am not Angio Shi etc. But i am always coming to find some excuse and share something with the children.
Sunil. . . You can also match up with us.

prerna ….. I have no idea about this.
Sunil….. Okay, I’ll tell you if you agree, let me know. I can see you tomorrow and tell you about it.
prerna ….. Ok.
Sunil….. This is my phone number. I’ll call tomorrow. I’ll tell you where to

prerna …… Ok. Bye.
Sunil….. Bye.
The next day Prerna calls Sunil.

prerna ….. Hello Sunil.
Sunil. . . Yes, Sunil, who are we talking about?
prerna …… I met Prerna yesterday. You wanted to talk about Angio in school today.
Sunil….. Yes yes.. Ok ok.ok.identify.yes inspiration can be found today on the 4th at “Supreme Coffee” House Angio Road.
prerna …. Ok. I’ll come to see you. Bye bye.
Sunil… Ok Great Bye.

At 4 p.m. …
Sunil stands in front of the Supreme Coffee House.
Prerna comes with her friend in a scooty. Both of them meet Sunil by standing the car. Prerna introduces her friend. This is my friend Seema who is also connected with an angio so I took her along. It’s ok no. There’s no problem. Ag no. No problem. Let’s go inside.
Sunil orders his favourite coffee. And what they ask them to take also try his favorite coffee.

Sunil informs Seema and Prerna about his angio. Both of them agree with him and both decide to match up with his Angio. The numbers are exchanged. And now they are both in contact.

It was a great idea to meet every day.
Prerna and Sunil start giving more importance to each other. But because they can’t talk in front of everyone there, Sunil asks Prerna one day.
prerna …. Coffee..
And both of them start taking out time on the pretext of coffee. Slowly everyone gets to know.

That’s what their coffee excuses are.
Coffee is an excuse, after all the two want to meet together alone.
The bonds tightened with daily coffee and it was decided to stay together in front of them.

That’s how coffee became an important ingredient in them.
And a lot of decisions were taken with coffee…!!!!!!

Priti ghasle

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