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Cream fungus case detected in madhya pradesh

Madhya Pradesh:

Amid increasing black, white and yellow fungus cases across the nation, another fungal infection cream fungus detected in jabalpur, Madhya pradesh.

According to the reports, doctors detected a case of a cream fungus with black fungus in the covid infected patient. The patient admitted to netaji subhash Chandra bose medical College and undergoing treatment in the ENT department.

Doctors said that fungal infections are increasing due to excessive use of covid 19 antibodies which are eliminating symbiotic bacteria from the body. Doctors added that these bacterias will helps to eradicate the fungus from the body.
Currently, there are 106 patients in the medical College, out of which 39 patients have also been operated on from fungal infections.

Madhya Pradesh fungal infection cases:

The state has 752 cases of black fungus and last week Madhya Pradesh had declared mucormycosis as an epidemic. Last week, a 55-year-old man from Jabalpur had diagnosed with white fungus after getting cured of covid 19.

The state is facing an additional crisis of fungal infections while the coronavirus situation has improved at a stage where state officials are ready to start the unlock process of infection-induced restrictions.
Coincidentally both white and cream fungal infections first case was reported in Jabalpur.

Madhya Pradesh covid 19 conditions: The state is reporting less than 2000 covid 19 cases for the past two days depicting an improvement in fresh cases. On Friday, the state recorded 1854 new positive cases talking the total tally to 7,75,709 covid 19 infections.

The positive rate also dipped further to 2.5% currently, there are 34,222 active coronavirus cases in the state. A total of 5,796 patients recovered from the disease. At the same time, 63people succumbed to the infection in the Last 24 hours.

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