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Did I really a mistake

did i really make a mistake?

i really missed …



there is only time for everything. when the time comes, nothing stays. but i was trying, did i make a mistake in that too ….. what was really wrong with me and what was right for me to be punished so severely  questions keep popping up in my head. there is nothing in spite of everything. it has become meaningless


nihal is still thinking about this

today i am going to tell you something about ruchi, my life and nihal’s life. i love nihal very much. he and i have been in love with nihal ever since i was in the same school. i have known nihal all over the school.  he loves me from the bottom of his heart. he only wants to see nihal in school. isn’t it fair to say that nihal had no idea about this …. ??? it was a complete idea. but he never looked me in the eye alone.  didn’t speak. and love is far away from that


however, i always waited for that loving look from him that someday he would come close and say that he loves me. otherwise, he would say something but it never happened. he never showed me whether he liked my behavior or not.  no. he used to talk about school but nothing else. his friends always told him that he loves you very much. once you tell him yes or no, he never said anything about it. so he never knew anyone in his mind


my love was growing day by day. that’s when school ended and we went to different colleges. our old friends were in touch with both of them. but i never knew from anyone where nihal is now. what do i do? but i was trying my best.  my first love was to find out why and why not. how could i leave him without one side that was not yet open


i finished my college and went out for further education. there were new friends, new girlfriends. all the new friends who fell in love were in front of my eyes. and i was looking for your love.  i often wondered why this was happening. in my case, the mind would not have been happy with anyone but him. but then there was a boy in college who showed me his heart.  when i heard people talking, i felt like i was in a similar situation. how much i love someone. my heart is ready to cry. this is called true love. i could feel the oppression of my love because i had gone through it too.


when he asked me, i told him everything about nihal before, he only asked that he loves you as much as you do. but i really have no answer to that. because in fact, i loved him, but he never said anything.  then it was a one-sided love in which nothing was expected. and there was no reason to expect


and while all these thoughts were going on in my mind, the man said to me, “okay, you think and then speak.” and he left. after he left, i learned from many friends that he had shown that he loved someone so much for the first time. and if i didn’t  i can’t wait to see who he is today. i don’t even know where he is today. i don’t even know if he ever fell in love with me.  i don’t say anything to him who is ready to love even though he knows everything. i need love and that love is not happy, it is human. he loves me. and i have misunderstood what to expect


manav and i became one. after living together in college, we started preparing for our job. manav had to fight for the job for a few years but he did not give up. the only purpose was to get a govt job.  he got full support. after he got the job, he came home and asked for marriage and everything was ready and we started our new life safely


after two years of marriage we had a sweet child. our life started very well.  then i got a request on fb. i read the name and remained silent for a while. someone knocked on the door of my mind which was once closed. it was nihal’s request. i didn’t answer anything. it’s been two days. finally, he sent a message on messenger.  given. identified or not


i ….. yes recognized.after so many years today

nihal ….. yes, after so many years, today i am able to talk to you

i ….. i mean

nihal … i wanted to meet you

i …. why

nihal …. i just wanted to talk. if you want. but it is very important

i ….. what is important.i don’t have time

nihal …. ok then tell me when the time comes but it is very important

i ….. ok let me know if i have time

nihal ….. thank you


i thought a lot that day. i was not happy and i was sad. because my mind was very clear now. and i had gone too far. there was nothing left to talk about with him now.  having said something in so many years i just felt the need to take his talk total for once

and i talked to the man about it. he also agreed with me and said to meet me once. and after thinking about it, i decided to meet one day. the man was with me, he let me out and let everything happen today.  with that he left. and when he had finished speaking, he called me and told me to come and get it


nihal was sitting near a beautiful tree and i recognized him immediately.  he smiled very happily when he saw me. we sat down and talked and then he told me that today i am going to answer all your questions. what questions did i as

nihal is the one you were asking me from school life. my heart started pounding. because i had no reason to take what he was going to say today, but in the end he said the same thing, which was sad, which was not expected

nihal ….. ruchi i have loved you ever since. when i first found out how much you love me. i was listening to others but i didn’t let them know because i didn’t want to discredit you. i didn’t want to spread my love.  decided that i will tell you before and after i become something and today i have a very good job and i am ready to marry you today. will you marry me ???


i just kept looking at him. i didn’t know how to explain it to him. you don’t think it’s too late. for this. to express your love


nihal ….. why what happened, i am now well settled and so now i am working hard to ask for your hand. i went so far for you, i did everything to get you. and look, today is in front of yo


i ….. wait, let’s talk. i’m married. i also have a child


nihal ….. no..you are lying you are taking my spin yes no


i ….. no, i’m not in the habit of playing with other people’s mind

nihal …. i mean..what did i play.what do you mean ??

i …, i loved you so much. you never felt sorry for me. you never felt the need to tell me to talk to me. and if you loved me, i would have told you that there are such problems.  i love you c !!! and you never met me after school no one knows anything about you i tried my best to find you what did you do ???

did you try to find me, where am i, how am i? have you ever asked anyone ??

nihal …… yes i also found you.and you met me on fb

i …… oh !!!  Indeed

if you had found me, i would have found you there sometime because i was living there. all the old ones are still in my contact today. you can get my address from Kunal. i have been on fb for many years.  found today.  tell you what, really

i have no faith in what you say


nihal ….. i actually asked a close friend of yours about you but he said he doesn’t know more

i am ….. yes you are right.because you are far from everyone.how will they know you.and they all know that i am married why they will create problems i will be friends in the end  it’s not


and i will wait for you in any expectation. you never said anything. how can i know that you also loved me so much.  i would have waited for you till my last breath. but when there is no expectation in front of me, why should i wait for you. you made love in your mind and kept thinking that you will come and be mine …. it doesn’t happen. everyone has feelings.  this is the hard work of waiting for everyone. no one is waiting for anyone for no reason


nihal ….. i made a mistake but i don’t want to be punished so much. i have gone too far today for all this where i am alone. if you also leave me alone, how will i live .


i ….. the situation you are in today, when i was also there, you were not there to take care of me. he was my man, my husband. and today he knows that i came to meet you, he left me.  this is true love. and today is my family, my everything, you too, get out of this, go ahead in life, forget everything behind you


nihal …… how c !!!  i have come so far to get you by thinking of you. how can i live alone now .. the mistake i made was that i did not speak


i ….. who am i to punish !!!  even if i spoke, i was punished. you didn’t say anything. then you have to save yourself. you will probably know now how big your mistake was


and i call the man. he comes and i go. nihal just keeps looking ..


everything has a time and it has to happen then. because no one is waiting for anyone. and time does not stop for anyone


thank you ..

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