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Done with a stranger travel

Done with a stranger
Travel …..

Travel is not meant to be remembered. Some journeys are indeed memorable. And some are instructive. But there are some journeys that should not be remembered.

Something before the next story …….

This story is completely self-made, fictional. And no faith is meant to be superstitious. Or not in terms of any technical power. We request the reader to read it only for entertainment.
And if any person is related to the place and the event, it should be considered as a coincidence.

I have been working in a big position in ICH company for 35 years. I am self-reliant and I have earned everything in my life with my hard work and perseverance which my mother has given me full support to earn. .

I decided to go out to the village for a job in my company. The trip was for two days and when I went there, I took my mother with me as I had a week’s work to do. …..

The journey starts. In the evening at 6 o’clock. The train stopped at the station. My coach came and stopped in front of me.
Rasika ….. I chal … chad.
I …. which seat c.
Yes, here it is.
Rasika …. that’s it.
I adjust the luggage.
A 60.65 year old aunt sitting in front of Rasika.
Auntie, what is your bag?
Aunty ….. yes
Rasika ….. OK. I put it aside a little.
Aunty ….. yes.
Rasika sits on the seat with her luggage.

Rasika …… Mom is fine. If you want to sleep, tell me, I will make your bed upstairs.
Mom … yes that’s right.
Rasika ….. to the aunt in front. Where are you going aunt?
Aunty …. Navi Mumbai is good. You are alone. Yes.
Rasika ….. me too. Aunty what are you doing. Your house is there.
Auntie ….. hmmm.
Rasika …. Aunty, if you don’t like my words, I’m sorry.
I don’t like to be silent.
Aunty …. nothing answers.
Mom ….. let’s eat Rasika I sleep.
Rasika ….. yes I did. OK
Aunty ….. faces out the window, takes a book out of her bag and sits reading.
Rasika and her mother eat and Rasika wraps up and puts her mother on the bed.
Mom goes to sleep.
Rasika ….. she also sits for a long time and then reads a book.
It takes a long time. She gets fresh. And she prepares her bed. But she sees that her aunt is still sitting comfortably. She thinks and asks for a word.
Rasika …… Aunty, if you want to sleep, I will make the bed.
Auntie ….. no.
Rasika ….. You haven’t slept for a long time and almost everyone is asleep in the train.
Aunty ….. I don’t sleep.
Rasika …. smiling means .. you will stay like this all night.
Aunty ….. yes.
Rasika ….. can you tell me why there is a problem.
Aunty ….. problem.
Rasika …. then.
Aunty …. why did you go back?
You can’t sleep.
Rasika ….. I don’t feel well. Aunty, you should relax as you are my mother’s age.
Auntie ….. yes thank you.but I can’t sleep.
Rasika …… Ka.Saga Tar.
Aunty …… Ag !!!! When I sleep, all the dreams I have come true and so I don’t talk to anyone much. If I talk, I can read his mind completely and the same past, future and present are clear in front of me. Kiva studies on something like this. This is from my birth. And so I freed all my sons and daughters by marrying them and not in contact with any relatives. And it feels right to be alone.
Rasika ….. what aunty, but this happens sometimes with someone. If you think too much about someone, his dreams come true.
Aunty …. this is special in my case c.
Rasika …. how.
Aunty … yes that person can come in a dream. But can anyone see the future of that person. Or can anyone tell what his present past is.
Rasika …… yes, this is something different, as you say. But what is there to believe in this.
Aunty ….. why should I trust you.this is my secret why should i tell you.what is he going to meet you.
Rasika ….. Hey aunty, what you are talking about is at least acceptable to the person in front of you. Otherwise, I will say that you are spreading superstition.
Auntie …. no I don’t spread anything so I’m away from all this.
Rasika ….. then convince me that what you are saying is true.
Aunt …… keep quiet for a while.
Rasika ….. look, there is nothing to tell you … smile and go to sleep.
Aunty ….. quietly.
Rasika ….. sleeps in her place.
It takes two or three hours. Rasika wakes up. She sees her aunt sitting in the same position and there is no sleep in her eyes.
Rasika …… aunty you are not asleep.
Aunt …… does not move the neck.
Rasika ….. sorry aunty if you feel bad. I am like that I want relative points of everything.
Aunty ….. looking at her.
You know the news of an incident in the train last year.
Rasika ….. what.
Aunty …… A 20 to 25 year old boy was found sleeping in the train. He never got up and there was a lot of discussion about it.
Rasika ….. yes I remember. He was alone. But no one knew what happened. Ravi Sharma’s name was probably his.
Aunty …. you are moving your neck.
Rasika ….. yes but what does it have to do with you.
Aunty ….. I had a seat in front of that boy that day. That boy was asking a lot of questions like you. He was talking to me like sleeping. He kept smiling for a long time. And if that’s the case, then don’t take me with you. I also dream about my future and keep smiling. His smile was on my mind. Tell me what to do.
You sleep and I also go to the dream where I will meet you in your dream and just you have to come with me. And when I come back you have to come back with me. OK.
He said yes, I also see how much truth there is in your words. After saying that, we both went into a dream. There I saw him that his future was very beautiful. How happy his life was. And that’s what brought him back and he wasn’t ready to come back with me. I woke up. He stayed there. I woke up and got off at the station. And in the middle of the night I left my place. There was a lot of police interrogation but no one really knows. So I kept quiet.
I never speak after this incident.
But back today you did the same.
Rasika ….. if this is the case then aunty you can predict the future without it.
Aunty ….. this is the law of nature, we have to face them. This is the law that we have to face in the future situation.
And if you write well, you will be tempted. Like this Ravi …

Rasika couldn’t say anything in front of her. Maybe she liked her aunt’s story somewhere. And she thinks it would be better if I didn’t force her to sleep. Or something else.
On the way, the aunt said that she would take care of her mother.
And the next day after reaching there, the mother had to be admitted to the hospital as her sugar had increased.

This is how I remember the journey of that day but the nature of a stranger can also be like this ……

Finished …..
Preeti Ghasle ….

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