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Drugs……for work

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Drugs ……. for….work




The only thought that comes to mind when you read the word “intoxication” is drugs. But intoxication can be of many things. It can be of objects.

Someone to love, someone to help and someone to work …….


You will get the life story of Ravi, who is addicted to work, has a passion for work, through this incident ……..


Ravi and Rima were both known as “Love Couple”. Because, despite being married for so many years, Rima was giving a lot of importance to all these things. Their only daughter is “Sia”. It has been 2 years since Sia got married today. Because Rima was living there alone.


Ravi and Reema were like people living in Mumbai and thinking about the life to come. But after the marriage, Rima was a bit stunned. She had experienced many things through her relationship and through her surroundings, she was realizing that today is the day of tomorrow. Wasting is not right.


But, Ravi was ignoring her in such behavior. His thoughts were completely against her. He was calling her !!!! Let’s save today’s life only when we think ahead. If we look at that, both Ravi and Rima are meaningful in our thinking.


But, can everything be solved by thinking practically ??????

Some of the emotions that come from your mind

This needs to be completed by. Ravi used to be constantly busy with his work. Rima used to tell Ravi to stay alone at home, Ravi is done now !!!!!! Now give me your time too. When I die, who will you give time to?


Now I am waiting for you, and because of that you don’t care about the house, so you have no idea how to do it when I am not there. Ravi used to avoid smiling.

So constantly out …


Rima used to enjoy chocolates, balloons, flowers, but now she doesn’t have time for all this, so she was expecting. But she never called him. And so why not … She felt very lonely. The girl was busy at home asking her questions and Ravi was the only one left for her during the day.


Ravi used to come home every week for months. Rima kept telling him that Ravi, whether I am dead or not, you will know my need. !!!!


Ravi used to take all these things from her in the air. He understood that she was giving so much sarcasm because he did not give her time, but one day Ravi must have realized how much truth there was in her words.


Ravi was going to come home today. Rima prepares good food. And she prepares nicely together that Ravi will stay for a few more days after seeing her. Ravi comes and they eat together. They talk a lot. Rima finishes all the talking on that day. Ravi pours water on her happy shranta.


Rima says !!!!!! Ravi is done, now it is enough for you to come and go a lot, take everything now, from vacation to work forever. Why don’t you think of me !! Ravi understands her smile and arrests her because she is in love, so that she doesn’t have to wait for help in front of him.


There are only a few years left now. Be happy with my retirement till then, then I will bother you …. He makes fun of her. She says to him with slightly watery eyes !!!!! I don’t expect anyone to see me tomorrow, I just want you to be with me in the last days.

After being alone for so many days, my mind became very sad !! Some days we will live like our previous days only this much !!!!!!


And they stop talking and they go to sleep. Ravi goes back to work in the morning. After Ravi leaves, Rima starts feeling very lonely again. So she calls her daughter. “Sia” How are you !!? I’m fine. I !!! Mom I was thinking to come to you for a few days.Sia says !!!

Rima was very happy, ag !!!! Think about it, you have your own house, come whenever you want !!! And I am also bored of being alone, if you come, I will feel better and Sia informs her mother to come the next day.


Rima is now very busy with the joy of her daughter’s arrival. She spends her time making her favorite food. One night she leaves with great difficulty. The next day the girl will come. What to say to her? What to feed her? Where to take her out? Is.


The next day dawns, she gets up in the morning and starts working with new vigor. The girl’s phone rings. I have reached !!! She is on the street. And after a while the door bell rings. She is upstairs in her bedroom. She hurries down the stairs to open the door early. Her legs are broken and she falls down. No one could come.


Since the door has not been opened for a long time, Sia is scared and calls the neighbors. They try to open the door. And they open the door loudly. People call Ravi and inform him. Ravi leaves immediately.


He reaches Ravi in ​​the evening. Sia holds her father and cries a lot. Ravi, however, is looking at Rima’s earthly body in some thought. It was as if his head was numb. Everything Rima’s words were coming back to his ears. Had begun.


But Ravi was convinced of everything she was saying to him today. “” Someone saw it tomorrow !!

Whatever it is is today !!!! Right now !!!

Survive or it will escape “!!


Her every word was true !!!!!!!!



I destroyed her today to save her tomorrow. I never showed her my love for her. I never did what she loved. I couldn’t give her everything even though it was for her. Ravi’s heart was pounding. But she really didn’t want to hear this today. .


But thinking that I will show this expression, he gets up and stands in front of everyone with folded hands and says !!!!!!!

All of you who have gathered here today are requested to come to my Rima’s prayer meeting tomorrow. And the survey leaves them in awe. Ravi tells his daughter everything that was going on in his mind. And they both prepare for tomorrow’s prayer meeting.


The next day everyone starts coming. But everyone is amazed at the view of their house. Because the whole house is decorated with red roses, balloon pylons are everywhere, people are whispering to see their preparations with candles and chocolates on the table.


One day it happened that Ravi went to his wife and the neighbors are amazed at what he is trying to do. Then he hears a voice …….


“Say !!!” What are you doing !!!! Today is the first time you have brought me my love in life “” ……..


Everyone is watching, Ravi was singing with a mic in his hand. Ravi says to everyone !!!!!!!

Thank you all for attending my Rima’s prayer meeting here.

She always told me that I don’t give her time. I am so busy recovering tomorrow that I am forgetting you today …. !!!

Your today will create your tomorrow but I was ignoring her. I was having fun talking about it all.

She says you know my price when I’m not there.

And today, when she was not there, I really realized that I was making love to her, no doubt about it. But, I have never shown this. This is my fault !!!!


She loves roses, but I never gave them to her. She doesn’t like chocolate either …. Tell her my song

I like her very much, say my favorite song, no !!!!!! But I never did that, never meeting her small needs, her small and loving expectations.

I have never tried to understand the space in her speech.

And Ravi starts singing …….



“What’s in my heart today

Tu kahe to me batadu “” ……



There was a vibration in Ravi’s voice. Maybe Rima was alone. Everybody present there had tears in their eyes.


It’s not for Rima ….

That shouldn’t be for Ravi ……


So for that love which maybe he himself was not showing his busy toe for his loved one … for that illusion which is not useful for them to live life in this world right now, today is useful for them.




The purpose of this story is that we all live in our today, who knows what will happen tomorrow ……




Thank you …… If you like it, your feedback will be yours .., ….


Preeti Ghasale ……




only for you

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