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Father’s day

Father’s day is a celebration of Father’s, honoring father hood, paternal bonds and the role Father’s play in society. The third Sunday of June is celebrated as Father’s day in most parts of the world. Father’s day in most parts of the world. Father’s day is a celebration of Father’s honoring Father’s hood, paternal bonds and the role Father’s play in society.


How to make Father’s day unforgettable:


Father love is irreplaceable.

Whether we’re celebrating our dad’s, step dad’s, brothers, sons or other father figures in our lives these men need to hear what a difference their love makes.

Thessalonians reminds us to encourage one an another and each other up and Father’s day is a chance for us to do just that. Lift those dad’s up; celebrate their unique calling, reminds them how much they’re appreciated every single day.


Prayer is a simple gift you can offer anytime, anywhere for the men in your life. Spend a little time on Father’s day thanking God for the blessing of their presence, pray for their strength and guidance .Ask him for the ability to see and celebrate the good in them, offer them grace in their brokenness and encouragement for the daily journey.

Experience: A memory made together is a gift that can last a lifetime. Consider treating dad to something he’s never done. Take him on a special trip to a new place, or surprise him with a unique experience- skydiving, horse back riding. There are memories waiting to be made right in your own backyard.


What does he loves to do? If he’s a sports guy, plan a day around one of his favorite things; a fishing trip, golf outing or baseball game. Plan a few surprise video calls with far away family members; head to his favorite coffee shop for a leisurely afternoon together.


Get your favorite dad’s and their families together for a good old fashioned celebration a home made meal or plot luck lawn games and may be even some water balloon fun. It may be an opportunity to not only bless the men you are related to, but to reach out to others who may not have a place to be on Father’s day. God’s heart for those on the outside is clear we are called to welcome them in, and we are blessed each time we open our homes and our hearts.


We’ve all had to say goodbye to good men in our lives and Father’s day can be a time to honour their memory.

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