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Fear…an unfamiliar outrage

Fear ……. (an unfamiliar outrage)

Even today, when I remember that day, I start shivering, thinking that if the elevator door had not been closed that day !!!!!! ……..
What would have happened to us.

I was “Swapnil”. We had just moved to Pune. Before that we were living in “Solapur”. All of us, me, my parents and my sister were living in the society here. Was not.
My father was in a company in Pune. He was transferred here from Solapur. So we all had to shift here. My school was a short distance away, and Tai’s college was on the way to my school, so Tai and I would leave home together.
There was another society at the turn of our society, where my school friends lived. I had to go to their society to play with them. But Mom and Dad would not let me go.
Since we were new there, very few people knew us. So even the guard uncle would not let me go to another society.
Once I was going to school with my sister. Tai was telling her mother something about the society next door. I couldn’t hear her right, so I went to her and tried to hear her. He handed me the box and asked me to leave for school.
I wanted to know what they were talking about. So I asked Tai on the way. “Tai, what were you talking about with your mother about that society” ????????
So Tai asked me do you have any friends ?? In that society, I don’t say tai la lo ho, my schoolmates Suraj, Milind and Priya all live there. Why? Tai said, “Have you ever gone there to play?” When I didn’t say anything, Tai said, “Okay, then.” She dropped me off at school, and she was on her way to college.
After school I was going to talk to Tai about the same thing but, Baba came to pick us up. And we got in our car and drove home. She left the topic there, but I wanted to know. So I simply asked Suraj, Milind and Priya about their society.
He made such a beautiful analysis of his society that I wanted to go there and play. And for that he talked to his guard uncle about me, and Milind told me !! Tomorrow is Sunday, you come, we will wait for you and we have prepared for your tomorrow. I didn’t tell anyone at home about this because they weren’t going to let me, I was sure.
The next day I got up early in the morning and went to play with my breakfast. But now the question was our guard uncle, they stop and ask me where he is going out ??? I nodded and said yes, and left.
My friends were standing outside our society, they introduced me to the guard uncle, and we went inside. There we played a variety of games, had a lot of fun, and it was a long time now. And I’m leaving to talk about coming next Sunday.
Now I was waiting for the next Sunday and this Sunday too I had decided to go. On Sunday morning I get up in the morning and go out to play, now there is no need to ask the guard uncle, he gestured to me and gave me a signal to leave.
And in the society of friends, he boldly entered. Because, he knew me now. Milind, Suraj and I were waiting for Priya in the garden downstairs. Meanwhile Priya talks to us to come up. All three of us went upstairs by elevator. But, Milind told me the elevator doesn’t stop on the 13th, because no one lives there.
I ignored it and pressed the button for Priya’s floor. Once there we went to her house. She introduced me to her parents. And we came out with breakfast made by her mother. As soon as we reach the elevator, Priya says, do you want to go to the roof today to play ?? We were all ready to go because no one was there. And we all enter the elevator. And Priya presses the button on the 14th floor. We arrive and there is a door in front. We come out and we play there for a long time.
We get bored after playing there. And we decide to go down. Everyone comes in the elevator. Our elevator was coming up to the 7th floor, Priya remembers as she left her game upstairs, and she presses the stop button, then the 14th floor.
Suddenly the elevator starts moving very loudly, and three times it sounds like the elevator door is opening. And the door opens ….
We see that we are standing on two floors. Milind says, should we go upstairs ?? But, I didn’t call him that !! It can be dangerous. If the elevator starts, we will be cut off. And then, I pressed the stop button again. And from the elevator came the sound of the gate closing again. And the door slowly closed and there was a loud noise. I panicked and asked them, “Hey! What’s going on?” This is what is happening !!!
And we stand there as well, scared that the elevator light suddenly goes off. And we all stare at each other’s hands, and in the darkness we see the buttons flashing … and the 13th floor button is pressed. And the main thing is that none of us pressed that button.
We wondered because no one lived on the 13th floor here. We were standing in the dark. That, we feel like the elevator is going up slowly. Priya pressed the stop button hard but nothing happened. And the elevator was going up.
Coming to the 13th floor, the elevator stopped with a loud noise. And now the door began to open slowly. When we looked in front, there was no complete darkness, we just stared into the darkness and saw that no one had moved from their place.
We heard the sound of someone crying, as if it were the voice of a woman. Our hands and feet were cold. Because it felt as if someone was crying very sadly. Is. As if it is approaching. And with it comes a strong smell like burning of hair and body. The smell was getting louder and louder, just like the rotten fish.
And now …. it feels like whoever it is is standing right in front of us ….. and suddenly the elevator starts, the sound of the door closing automatically comes and the door starts closing. It sounds as if someone has knocked on the door.
The elevator was coming down slowly. When the elevator comes down and stops. The door opens, we see, we have reached the ground floor, and the father of the sun in front of us sees them and comes to life for all of us. . But, we didn’t tell anyone about it.

Even today, I wonder what would have happened to us that day if Suraj’s father had not pressed the button to call down the elevator.

Even today the tremors go away …….

Fiction …….

Feel free to comment.

Preeti Ghasle ……

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