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First impression is the Last impression

First impression is the
Last impression ….

Yes, that’s right. From the very first visit, we can see our worth in the eyes of the person in front of us. We can estimate how long it will last.
Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. So, someone loses everything on the first visit.

An example can be given.

At some point we are talking to a person on the phone and this talk is ongoing. And now we talk a lot about him every day, guess his preferences, create a constant store of identity and information.
The important thing is that their voice or speech creates an image of it in our eyes. It completes it with our thoughts.
But, when the same person suddenly comes to the fore and if he does not become part of the image created in our thinking array. So, a grief arises in the mind. And what?
Why this It does not matter to you or to the person.
Yes … everything should not be divided by color or form. This is why every person has at least one quality that sets him apart from others.
A group of ten people, ten is the same color, looks, and you are a part of these ten people, so you are a part of it.
But how do you justify yourself?
What is it that you do not have in the other nine people? That is the ability that sets you apart from this.
That is to say, never underestimate yourself. You too have come into this world. You too have come with some different, different identities. All you need is to recognize that ability. The one who recognized that ability reached the peak.
Why should we choose you as the last question asked in an interview ??
What is in you What is special or different that is not in others and therefore we should choose you and that is the only special merit which gives you a different status than others. It shows different usefulness.
And yes it is equally true that not everyone agrees with everything, so it is not right to waste time on such things. It is important to know your art as a whole …….

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