Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 3 May 2021 - Answer Digitally
Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 3 May 2021

Flipkart Quiz Answers Today

Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 3 May 2021

Which Delhi Capitals player has hit the most number of 4s in the IPL?

a. Prithvi Shaw.
b. Shikar Dhawan.
c. Steve Smith.
d. Rishabh Pant.

Answer. b. Shikar Dhawan.

Which of these brands has never been the title sponsor of IPL?

a. Dream 11.
b. DLF.
c. Pepsi.
d. Coca Cola.

Answer. d. Coca Cola.

Identify this former Indian Cricketer who is currently the assistant coach of Delhi Capitals?

a. Kiran More.
b. Pravin Amre.
c. Abey Kuruvilla.
d. Saba Karim.

Answer. b. Pravin Amre.

Who among these has played more than 200 matches in the IPL?

a. Dinesh Karthik.
b. Yuvaraj Singh.
c. Sachin Tendulkar.
d. Kieron Pollard.

Answer. a. Dinesh Karthik.

Which Umpire has officiated the most no. of IPL Matches?

a. Sundaram Ravi.
b. Kumar Dharmasena.
c. Chettithody Shamshuddin.
d. Anil Chaudhary.

Answer. a. Sundaram Ravi.

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