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For women

Something for a woman ……

What do you think, the life of women is easy in the society.
No !!!!! Even today, the place of women is the same even after learning …..

Today, both men and women work. However, women have to come home and do the work. How much work does a poor person have to do? And what if the woman came late. It is said that it was so late.

When going out, one has to pay attention to the clothes and facial expressions.
Why do women think of all this ???
Working in the office does not reduce without !!!!
Promotion is a woman, how will she take responsibility..all these things come to the fore … because she is just a woman ….. !!!!!

Even if you have a job, you have to take full responsibility of the house. However, even if you have a job, what does you do? He runs the house only when he earns. Such words are heard !!!!

Where is the similarity ….. just speaking of woman
It comes in unison. It is not thought about, because the tradition that her thought is not so important is still going on.

No matter how much women try their best, their efforts to achieve dominance are limited. There is nothing left to say, nothing to assimilate.

Women should try to get their rights, but it is a far cry from just getting a partnership.

What a sin to be a woman ……. !!!!

Uneducated if not learned
Learning is the pride of learning.
There is something wrong with not getting married.
If you get married, you will know what it is now …
If you keep mixing with everyone, this is not a good sign.
I am very proud if we don’t stay together …
What does it mean to learn so much if the children take care of the house after learning?
If you do the job, the wings will break ..

Too long list yes ….
How many criteria are in place for women.
But, forgetting this, if women are given a home, it brings home.

If you give love, you also give life …. !!!!!!!!!!!!

๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™respect all women๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

preeti ghasle …….

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