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Friendship in Space, Progress Our Technology

“friendship in space, progress our technology” today, India has full confidence in the space sectors ©️©️ your glorious place has been created the first thing you need to know is what exactly “space” or “space” is, but a basic element in the structure of the universe is a set of entities that contain all visible objects, have a specific shape, and can move. it all started with science.

science is usually not defined by anyone, because it explores the world or the workings of nature, and in this too man’s attitude is constantly changing. science is an “organized specialized knowledge”. man created a science out of the need to acquire knowledge about the universe.  thoughts about the universe and science are directly related to almost all the organs of modern human life©️©️©️

science also has a social effect. because the way of life of a society can affect science. science is invented to control nature©️©️

science is a miraculous power that unravels various mysteries that meet all your needs. it uses regular methods of study to gather scientific observations and factual information. scientific observations are done without prejudice and methodically. this makes it easier to classify©️©️

therefore, it can be said that there is a big difference between the man who is already leaping into space and the man who is leaping into space today. one revolutionary discovery after another has been made since the twentieth century. it was the man who built the first high-speed aircraft.  is gone

when another rich country raised the question of how much it would be appropriate for a poor country like India to spend so much on space studies.  then dr. Vikram Sarabhai had said, we are not in this field for competition, we are participating to meet the needs of the common man in our country.  we should not fall short in our efforts. this shows the hard work of our country. and that is why India stands with them today even at a lower cost than other countries.  the biggest challenge before we are how to get the most out of technology to the poor at the lowest possible cost©️©️©️

born in space exploration, artificial satellites serve humans in many ways, such as finding minerals, mineral oil deposits, messaging, improving communication and cooperation, helping observatories with weather forecasting, and so on©️©️©️

the spacecraft uses special types of shock absorbers.  and the same absorber is now being used for lifts

you have earned everything through space, through your science, through ISRO.  today we have made more or less successful attempts to link it to somewhere

the “startup India” campaign was launched from the red fort on 15th august to think about how we can use technology more and more. we need to get a large number of people involved and invite the youth for new ideas.  ideas will get results because today’s youth are very techno savvy©️©️©️

there is nothing left in front of you.  nothing new can happen in this case. but if we think about how some of the available information, technology, can be adapted to our needs, we can offer a lot of new options.  and can easily develop distribution systems©️©️©️

we developed some new systems with the same technology.  as a new venture for spiders.  spiders need to be informed on their mobiles that there is an opportunity to catch longitudes at such latitudes, and fish have a habit of staying where there is a crowd for at least 24 hours. first, they go fishing, then they wait for hours and then throw the nets.  ok otherwise go ahead.  this process had to be done for hours. once this system is developed, they reach certain places in less time. the cost of diesel is also saved and a large quantity of fish is obtained. both time and energy are saved©️©️©️

in the same way, we need to constantly strive to make our lifestyle better by inventing new experiments. nowadays, even the poorest of the poor are trying to develop technology in their own way.  he has also started to make his livelihood easier. he operates the water pump in his field from home. he developed the technology himself through his mobile phone, and he learns from home that electricity came and he starts the pump and starts watering and then goes to the farm.  in this way, we make our livelihood smooth©️©️©️

in the same way, we can get a lot of information through satellite, which will reduce the time cost and energy consumption. the more encroachments we see on our highways, the more it becomes a matter of concern. we can regularly monitor such encroachments through satellite©️©️©️©️

also, the wild animals that we count once every five years. there are many problems. cameras are installed. sometimes step measurements are taken. there are many mistakes in it. accurate calculation is not done.  instead, they can detect the location of their movements if they are monitored by a set light. in this way, high-quality cameras can regularly track the movement of red sandalwood©️©️©️

the implication is that we can develop the technology, reduce the time period, improve the quality and achieve the results we want©️©️©️

soon joe (Vizag) was hit by a “hudhud” storm in Visakhapatnam.  this accurate information prevented large-scale casualties©️©️©️

we can do a lot for the welfare of mankind in terms of disaster management, warning, and preparedness©️©️©️

survey departments have now been linked to this topic. several departments are considering how to use these innovations© ©©️

a farmer had planted a biogas plant in his house and was taking animal dung from him and dumping it in it.  he was producing gas from his kitchen. if more gas was being produced than he needed, he would use his intellect to fill the gas tube in the wheel tube of the tractor and take it to the field.  was©️©️

the first step towards the success of the prime minister’s agricultural irrigation scheme is to make use of our space technology©️©️©️

all this helped the tribals to assert their rights through satellite. now, by comparing old photographs with satellite imagery, we can tell them that there used to be a forest or a farm where no one could claim their land.  he can present evidence of all this.  with the help of satellite we can build a tribal hub©️©️©️

this is the power of technology …

you may have heard that in Haryana, they linked election ids with land documents with the help of satellites. now you see, these things were already there, but someone tried to connect them with ahead and set up a new system©️©️©️

it is your responsibility to learn the ninth technology and the challenges that have come into your home when you say “no”. if you are unaware of the new technology, you can be taken advantage of.  it must be remembered that caution must be exercised.  benefit information should be collected leaving aside the disadvantages of technology.  and efforts should be made to reach as many people as possible©️©️©️

at the same time, the new generation should be involved as they can contribute to new experiments.  with which you can reach new missions. gathering space information is very important to bring out new tricks through various experiments©️©️©️

we can provide more convenient information to our next generation through space research so that they can come up with suggestions.  you need to take such a course in school©️©️©️

it is very important to convey to the students the importance of how useful it is to develop technology today. there are computers at home like today. gradually people started to understand it.  its uses began to be noticed and today the work of the whole world began to be done by computer.  long queues for trains for tickets were reduced.  many such examples can be given …©️©️©️©️

we are easily making all the survey options from children’s curriculum to housewife’s work convenient through computer©️©️©️

so to develop technology, it is necessary to make friends with space ….©️©️©️

the language of my writing is a bit straightforward so that it will be a little more convenient for the students to understand ©️©️©️



Preeti ghasle.

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