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Happy friendship Day 🥳🎂

friendship …. my friend …


friendship …



there is no other experience as beautiful as they

in my life, friendship has always been omnipresent. there is friendship in life, but a person can handle everything properly

because there is only one person in life, a friend who gives you the strength to think about everything behind your back and also helps to solve it

you will never be misunderstood.  it will always create a happy atmosphere in life, and why should a single age limited friendship be better. ???  there should be friendship in every age group. it is not that there is no one to sit alone after one age.  there must be a friend who will always give you a reason to laugh at that age and help you with many things

and there is no other medicine without friendship

we experience different things in life at every age and at the same time we get to know new people.  he understands us, we understand him. this is friendship … with understanding, both of them support each other …

may this true friendship always be with someone in your life ..

let the place of friendship bloom like the usual and always blooming flower …..


to all your friends .

happy friendship Day


preeti ghasle


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