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Healthy mouth and teeth

Healthy mouth and teeth::

Why mouth and teeth are important??
Because every time we smile, talk, we eat, we drink, we use our mouth and teeth. From our mouth and teeth we have our facial expressions from our words, eat and drink.
The mouth is essential for speech, with the lips and tongue. Teeth help the words by controlling airflow from our mouths.

When we eat our eat cut and grind the food for preparation and swallowing.

Here are some of the parts of the mouth that they do?

The front part consists of a bony portion called the hard palate. It divides the mouth and the nasal cavity.

The fleshy rear part is called the soft palate. The soft palate forms a curtain between the mouth and throat. When we swallow the soft palate closes off.

The soft palate contains uvula.
The bundle of muscles extends from the floor of the mouth to form the tongue.

The four kinds of taste buds are found on the tongue which senses sweet, salty, sour, and bitter tastes.

Parts of teeth::

There are four parts those are pulp, dentin, enamel, and cementum.

Pulp is the most inner motion part of the tooth which consists of connective tissues.
Dentin which it surrounds the pulp. It is a hard yellow substance, it makes up most of the tooth as hard as bone.

Enamel which is the hardest tissue in the body covers the dentin and forms the outermost layer of the crown.

A layer of cementum covers the outside root.

So keep our mouth healthy and be happy always if any problem goes to a dental hospital and do checkup frequently and keep healthy as possible because of our mouth and teeth healthy only we will be happy while talking to others, etc.

Do daily twice a brushing and do mouth wash daily keep healthy and be happy

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