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How can you leave

How can you leave !!!!!

It is said that if a person loves, cares, desires. If it remains insufficient, it is still alive after death. Does it mean that his soul does not get salvation ?????????

“Ramji bhau” is very hardworking. He was living in “Rampur” with his wife “Sudha”, daughter “Rupa” and son “Pintu”. Both the children were going to school. But he was also taking small and big loans, which had become a market.

Although Pintu was older than Rupa, he sometimes went to the farm with his father to help. “Ramji Bhau” along with other people had taken this loan from the moneylender in the village. It was possible to go.

One day the moneylender brings some people to Ramji Bhau’s house. And only when the people’s money is paid first will someone come to the village to help you and tell you that you will get other money. As time goes by, they leave.

The moneylender knew that if he got Ramji Bhau’s land, he would get a huge benefit and Ramji Bhau was unable to repay it. He was convinced of this. That is why he put such a condition in front of the people.

Throughout the night, Ramji’s brother kept shifting on the bed, wondering how he could pay off the lender’s debt so quickly and with this thought, he finally loses and goes to his farm and hangs himself. This information spreads all over the village. Sudha (Ramji’s wife) daughter They cry a lot when they see their brother like that.

But, now their problem is not solved. Sudha tries her best. She was sure that the moneylender would grab her land otherwise. So she started working hard so that she could raise her kids.
And Ramji started saying that now there is no money left. As soon as he pays our money, she goes inside and brings some money and a little bit of her jewelery. And so the lender has to go when he hears this.

So the moneylender left but his eyes were still on their land. It was his game so that they would lose and finally bargain for the land.

Seeing his mother’s hard work day and night, Pintu hurts a lot inside. Mother goes to the field on an empty stomach. She leaves before we get up in the morning.

When the mother comes at night, he talks to the mother about it, the mother agrees, but also says that the school will continue, and they are both ready. He used to help her and then go to school with his sister and then to the field.

Day and night, the two of them paid the rest of the people as soon as possible and now their situation was a bit better. The people of the village started treating them with respect.
Although Ramji is not a brother, the villagers started applauding him saying that his son helped him and made everything smooth.

Now the lender was interested in this. He was thinking that Ramji Bhau’s land would not be handed over to him like this. He would not allow this to happen.

He asks some hooligans in the village to pay for Ramji’s son’s death.

As planned, the four men reached Pintu on the road at night and killed him. After making sure he was dead, they threw him in the forest and they went to the moneylender. They told him and took their money and left.

It was night here but my mother was very worried about how Pintu did not come. My sister was also constantly asking my mother about her grandfather. When he arrives, he sees Pintu lying on the bed. Sudha wakes him up and says, “Pintu Pintu, get up baby !!!”
How come it’s so late at night, we waited and went to sleep. Then he said it was late because he was with a friend. Mother said don’t be so late. It says it won’t be too late.

And as soon as the mother moves, they both start their work. At that moment, the moneylender comes to their house, and he is shocked to see Pintu. He doesn’t say anything.

The moneylender now comes to his castle in a fit of rage, and calls the four who killed him for free.

The moneylender was not ready to believe, because he had just met Pintu. And so the moneylender tells him to do the same thing again. They meet Pintu again at night. When they see him, they can’t believe it because they know they killed him. They run away in fear.

Pintu goes home early in the morning worrying about his mother waiting for him. He sleeps outside as usual. In the morning he is getting ready to go to the field. I say come back. And Pintu leaves.

Pandit asks Sudha what is your son ??? Sudha says yes he has taken care of all the responsibilities since my Pintu father passed away.

Pandit says, now you have to take care of yourself for what I am going to tell you. And you have to think sensibly !!!!!
Mother is scared and asks what happened …… what are you going to say …..

This is your son who died four days ago. She is his soul. He is unable to go just to take care of you. He can’t leave his body thinking how he will take care of you. Hearing this, tears started flowing from his mother’s eyes.
Pandit says !! And since then he has been sleeping outside or not. He can tell who killed him and his real place is no longer. Sudha cries a lot. Pandit says, you have to free him. For that you need to tell him that you can take care of him. You have to do it. Only when he understands, he will leave voluntarily. Free him and leave.

Mom’s crying doesn’t stop …… At last she recovers herself and waits for Pintu to come. He comes and goes out on the bed as usual. He looks at his mother and tears well up in her eyes. She says, “I know everything,” and he tells her the truth of the night. Rupa and I are fine. Your world is different now. On the contrary, I am having trouble seeing you like this. And you will not like it at all !!!!!
So you go baby, even if you are there, you will always be with us and without seeing your mother and hugging her, you will both be fine !!!!!!!!!! Tears start flowing from mother’s eyes …….. At that moment Rupa comes out and asks mother where mother and grandfather are going. Mom says in her world Pintu looks at her and smiles sweetly and walks away in the dark …………….

Self-written ….. Fictional …. Feedback if you like it of course …….

Preeti Ghasle …….

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