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How to inspire

How to inspire prospects in less than 5 mins

Instead of jumping into your qualifying call eager to sell because they replied to your email and/ or you have a meeting booked. Take a step back and think of a process to produce the biggest impact with a high impact conversion and it takes more thinking than you will definitely plan to prep around.

With initial calls, we often fall into the tendency of believing the call is about us, our source product, and our targets.
This is natural. However, to be a top performer you need to start thinking about them.

Goal #1: inspire a vision in the other person’s mood.
Goal #2: Make it clear that you are the guide in their process to transform.
Goal #3: Get them excited around a clear outcome and next step.

It sounds like a simple process but it is incredibly hard to implement. Use the first 2 minutes to inspire a future vision for the individual before you deep dive into qualification, challenges, and the product/service.
The key step here is to practice and be super tight with both with an elevator message, not an elevator pitch.

Bonus tips:

The combination of inspiration clarity of the purpose around your message and asking the right questions will give you leverage the long game, the value, the importance of adding value, and why that is impactful.


1 using this approach, before your next sales call jot down a new structure to the flow of the call.
2 The high-level inspiration the reason for the call, the value you will provide.
3 The questions to open a dialogue and the clear CTA with the next steps should be insight-led.
4 The same approach to qualification will never yield different results.

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