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I said sorry

sorry … I said sorry….. !!!!!!

vinay is a very straightforward and calm boy. from his school days till his college life, he did not argue with anyone, he did not argue with anyone, he did not mention anyone badly. but they say no !!!!! just because we are straight doesn’t mean that all people are straight. people are more behind a straight person.

even though vinay was straightforward, he tolerated such behavior of people. he always had to face such people. in a night dream, he was confronted with a scene of humiliation and he would wake up scared.

vinay was doing government job in pune. he was renting a room and living alone. his life was very straightforward. he avoided talking to anyone because of his nature. swearing and speaking with anger !!! this is everyone’s nature …

but as much work as we can speak with love. not so much anger, it hurts the mind and the work that is done is likely to go bad. you also have an idea of this …..

one day three friends had to face the same thing. vinay goes out for his office work one day with his two wheeler. it starts raining. a scorpio car comes in front. vala handles vinay’s car and falls to the side.

a boy comes out of scorpio. he looks like he belongs to a rich family. vinay looks at him and says sorry. but the boy gets angry and starts abusing him. why are you swearing. he doesn’t sing and slaps him hard on the cheek. and he grabs his collar. at that moment a girl peeks out of the car and speaks to him. vinay picks up his car and looks at his car number.

next he comes to his room after finishing his office work. but he remembers it all the time and he touches his cheek. he can’t sleep at night and he wakes up. he remembers the number and keeps notes. now he was angry. he thought that he would not fall prey to the people now and such people need to understand this. he knows whose name it is. and then he needs a place where no one will come. when he walks around, he sees a closed factory outside the village. that factory is closed.

he goes inside and looks at it. he sits down and opens his mobile. he texts the car owner ajay on instagram. he shows that he is a woman. and he has texted ajay. ajay answers her by the girl’s name and vinay sends him the address of the place. and then vinay starts his preparations. ajay reaches the place. he is coming now.

and when he comes to his senses, ajay sees that both his hands are tied with ropes and someone is sitting in front of him with a laptop. he gets angry, he shouts at vinay and abuses him again. and why am i so tied up !!!!!! leave me alone !!!! ajay is shouting but vinay is not listening to him. ajay says do you want money i give but leave me … !!! ajay speaks
vinay brings an injection in front of him. it is an injection of anesthesia. ajay is very scared. i say what did i do. leave me alone. i’m sorry. i don’t understand. are you crazy? did i say something without apologizing? vinay says you know me, i am the one you slapped on the cheek yesterday without listening …..
ajay says oh so don’t hit me too … why do this. vinay speaks. if you are not punished, you will not remember it and you will do it again. it hurts people’s minds. it is not because of you that i am forced to do this. seeing that, ajay doesn’t talk much but vinay is scared and slaps him on the hand ….. !!!! his blood was flowing. but vinay was aware that the injection did not bother him then.

and then vinay makes ajay call his other friend. he tells him to call here. ajay talks to his friend. there is a party here. his friend anya reaches there. he falls down. he hears vinay screaming from behind. he looks back and sees his girlfriend who was peeping out of the car at that time. vinay says oh wow you too alice .. !!!.

and he stands with both hands tied. anjali shouts, “who are you? why have you tied us up like this?” come on … otherwise you will be very bad .. vinay gets angry at her for talking like this. vinay says you are here because of your habit of behaving like this. we. then he reminds them of yesterday. but he injects them into their hands without any unity. they both insult him again.

and anjali cuts both of them with a knife and anjali starts crying. i had to take a lot of courage to do all this. if something went wrong, i am sorry. it was the first time for me ….. they are shouting and abusing him. at that moment vinay comes back and takes out a bottle and drops the liquid in it at his feet.

they ask what is this. what are you doing. vinay speaks. there are a lot of red ants here. this is honey for them. anjali shouts that you are a psycho. !!!!!!!

you will know the meaning of saying sorry now …. he says that and leaves ….

preeti ….

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