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Incomplete love story

incomplete love story …..

(based on true events)

everyone has the experience of how beautiful love is. and sometimes love comes to him once and for all, everything starts to feel new in love. in love, the mind is very happy. everything feels so good.
love happens to anyone. at the same time, you know that someone in love suddenly feels like you when something starts to tickle in your mind, you know that it feels like something about the person, maybe it is called love.
and once the love is created, we are looking for that person. and look !!!!!! at the same time, we see the person in every person who is close to us. it is true that some of his habits and habits are found in the person who is very close to him.
and mentally we are laughing at ourselves. and all of a sudden if that person comes face to face with the heart beating so loudly that we can experience it all over the body. all creation suddenly seems so enchanting to us that it has never been so beautiful before.
love is an experience. when he is happy, everything feels new and when he is sad, everything seems to be over. as much as love gives happiness, so much sorrow. love can make everything and destroy everything in one minute.
so love is right there as long as there is no harm to anyone. otherwise, we get to hear and see a lot of big news that can ruin our lives by falling in love.
most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. about “donna Paula”. donna was living in goa with her parents, grandparents and younger brother. her father was the viceroy of goa. donna has been a big brother since she was a child. her grandparents were very good at studying.
her team of friends was very large. she used to make everyone her own because of her nature. going to the beach with her friend and enjoying the night boat was all in her nature. and since it was common there, it was not such a big deal.
one day, while she was on the beach, she noticed a fishing man. she lost herself in him, seeing all his hard work, his hard work. she started coming and sitting on the beach every day and watching him. .
one day she suggests to him about her love. but he was a fishing boy. he found it funny to talk about her. she was in love with such a big housewife and he thought she was making fun of him.
but donna had to convince him that her love for him was real, so she talked to him every day, but he would see her and leave. one of her friends found out about donna’s love. Donna was in love with him, she knew nothing but him.
one day the boy talks to her about what she is like. it is possible that what you are doing is possible. because I am not sure of such love, she says that she really loves him very much. and she shows her desire to marry him.
but you, the daughter of the big house, will be able to leave you all, and when you agree to your house, she assures him of all this. and on her faith, the boy consents her with his love.
she is very happy that everyone at home is happy to see her. but now she wants to talk about it at home. she is happy to hear that she talks to her mother, grandparents about this before. everyone in her house gets angry.
when her father comes home in the evening, her mother tells her all about it. donna tells her father about the boy. and i want to marry him. but her father opposes this and at the same time, her going out is stopped.
she was very sad because it all ended before her love started. the boy realized that she would be rejected because she didn’t come back. and he was sure of that. but for the first time, he had just started to experience love. waiting every day.
she was struggling with his loss. but her family didn’t want to hurt her either. she was full of these two thoughts. one day she found a solution to all this. i don’t know if he is waiting for me. let me say one last thing …. believe me..but in her head something different starts.
after saying this, her mother allows her to go. and she goes to her lover for one last visit. he is very happy to see her. but that happiness is temporary. she tells him that nothing like this can happen to him and i can’t hurt the family. i already told you that he was talking to her. you are the viceroy’s daughter and i am a fisherman and he tells her to leave.
when she returns home, she thinks that everyone is sad because of her. and she decides to end her life. she jumps down from a high rock in the sea and ends her life journey.
failing the test of your love and hurting others because of you, it all ends. everyone is shocked by this.
the place was later named after her. she was the daughter of the viceroy, so the villagers named the place “donna paul place” in her memory. the place is also known as “lovers paradise”.
it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. it is only 7 km away from Panaji, the capital of Goa. the beach is surrounded by palm and casuarina trees.

there is a statue of a man and a woman on donna paul beach, which is a tourist attraction.

if you ever go to goa, you must visit donna paul beach.

an incomplete love story …..

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