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Is this true love 💝

is this true love …..

vaibhav and tejal were in love with each other. they could see nothing but each other. it was like meeting every day. they never let it get in the way.

if there is a quarrel over something, he should not allow any mistake to be made in it. because grief used to happen to both of them. if there was a quarrel, both of them would cry together. their love was immense.

that is why the idea came to their house. they did not get permission to get married as they are of different caste. vaibhav also came to the house and tried hard to convince her parents.

tejal was also ready to go against his family. she just wanted glory. but vaibhav was a very strong personality. he used to do the same things to patel. and tejal knew this very well. .

and tejal was also afraid of this. because she was listening to everything about vaibhav. and if vaibhav refused, she would have to listen to this.

and the day will come when they will talk about what to do next. they meet in their usual place. today, vaibhav’s face made tejal feel different than usual. started.

she hugs him and hugs him.
and vaibhav smiles and sits next to her.
tejal, what i am going to say to you today is difficult for me but it is true now. for a while, tejal puts his hand over his mouth as if he has some idea. you will speak only by thinking of my mind and both of you. that’s all

vaibhav takes care of himself and tells tejal that tejal did his best to win his love but his family does not accept it and if he is not happy with this idea then we will not be happy even if we are one. this will always hurt your heart.

no matter how much happiness you get in life, the happiness you get from the love of your family and their blessings is not greater than any happiness. you can’t live by making them sad.
and i know you agree with me, tejal.

the same glory that will bring tears to tejal’s eyes is holding those tears in his hand. i will love you till my last breath. and i promise. once in a year i will meet you. that gift will always be for each other. you have to promise me that you will not contact me first.

and if you break it, that year’s gift will be insufficient. what exactly? promise me !!!! tejal thinks that they will meet at least once so she promises him. and they hug each other tightly and start their new journey.

here, vaibhav starts his new job. and here, tejal’s father marries her
tejal enters into a new bond with the promise of his love. her husband prakash marries her only because of tejal’s appearance. the rest of him doesn’t care about her feelings. housework all day long.

she was just waiting for the day of diwali when she was going to maheri and meeting her vaibhav. last diwali vaibhav did not meet her because she had called him which vaibhav had said she had done wrong. and so this time she didn’t make any such mistake. but still she was worried about whether he would meet her this time or not.

and the day of diwali dawns. tejal’s father comes to pick her up. and she leaves to go to her mistress. can’t

tejal reaches home at night. and he doesn’t sleep all night in the heat of the next day. the day dawns. she goes to meet vaibhav. she arrives at her usual place. time goes by but glory does not come. she keeps thinking that no mistake has happened again, she sees a reflection in the water. she turns back. seeing that there is glory, she immediately gets up and hugs him tightly.

the same glory suddenly shouts as oh. he removes her and kisses her with her mangalsutra. he sees tejal with her dog, mangalsutra in her hand. , mangalsutra is inserted.

but tejal still remembers her glory. she still wants her glory. she comes close to him again and hugs him but he jerks her away.
tejal’s tears come when he removes her like this.

not every dream comes true in life. some pages in the book of life remain empty. don’t think that this means life has become meaningless at all. and the pages of your life were very nice.
at that moment, tejal’s phone rings and a very nice ringtone rings.

lag ja gale, ki yeh hasin raat ho na ho ….. shayad is janam mein phir mulakat ho na ho

and both of them come to their senses. she wants to go in his arms.
today she says. my husband is physically close to me but not spiritually. and king, you are spiritually but not physically. you inspired me. but one says, even though i have everything today, it is far away. ..she pauses in the middle and says nothing further. he takes his last farewell.

this is the end of our love in which no one is happy.

finished …

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