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Women Need Just love and little respect

Just love and a little respect
Just ……………

Although, these are just two words. In speaking and listening, but a lot of work and a lot to say ……..

Woman ……
One such person who got the status of the mother in the world … but how much !! This degree is only a nominal one for the way she has made a living for other people ….. yet she expects only these two things in life.
Is it difficult to give this ?????? These two rights are more than her deeds.
Not at all in my opinion.

Her work starts from waking up in the morning, watering the trees, morning tea starts from the day. Tea is given to everyone in her hand. Even though her tea is cold, have you ever seen her reheating it for herself !!!!. But she delivers hot tea to everyone. There is no doubt about it.

He sits on a chair for two minutes as he is a little tired. But no one asks for a glass of water in it. For whom does he tear his body for his family? !!!! Your illness is all around you and your comfort lasts all day long. Everyone’s livelihood runs on time.

Asks for compensation !!!! It is not possible to give only respect and love.
On that day of the month, even though there is bleeding from the body, Tasha wakes up in pain and finishes her work on time. Only you, as the parent, can know for sure. I do you relax

But there are many who say that it is natural, get up and work hard. She doesn’t expect this. That’s the kind of endurance a woman can have, so that’s what God thought. I don’t say anything with the intention of blaming people. Just giving importance to some hidden things.

But really think about it. Sometimes your health is not good. You don’t even have to say it. She recognizes it from your face. Have you ever asked her about her condition, taken care of her. Try it !!!!

Love is not just expressed in words, it is seen in anxiety. She packs everyone’s food and then eats it herself, but look, at the same time, the little ones come with their needles. She is asked when she has to get up from the meal. I take it with me
This is what care is all about … that is, love.

Make money So your dominance should not be understood at all, whoever can handle all these things can also earn money. There are many examples of this. But you can’t do anything without it. If you get sick at some point and you break a sweat in finding things, then go ahead ….

From the time the lockdown starts, you tell your own routine. Getting up comfortably, tea in hand, snacks, meals in front of you are all getting on time. It is only because of her that you are doing it. TV, mobile, games, just her work There will be only half a dozen people who will be helping. That too is not enough to pass your time.

Behind all this, what did she ask you? Just two words of love … Just talk to her with love when you leave the house. See how she starts working with new energy again. But there are some men who raise their hands against women. But why !!! If you marry her, will it become your private property? She has no pain. She has no feelings. She can’t raise her hand.

But what is he himself? A lost, frightened person who can’t speak to the person in front of him, can’t raise his hand, so he is pushing his wife. This is very wrong. There is no love in this house, no love, no respect.

We send our children to school.
To get a good education. He will take it but the education he gets from home will be his best punishment. Teach girls to fight for their rights and teach boys to respect a woman and do their own thing, it will benefit not only him but everyone. When he goes out to study tomorrow, his work will not be a disaster.

And the attitude towards a woman will always be good … why not !! Before you think of any bad things, you remember your sister, your sweetheart, your mother, your daughter. Who are they? ..

So let the punishment of all these happen from home..so that no one will fall victim to all these incidents. Whether it is yours or someone else’s …… woman that woman

Today she has the courage to stand on her own two feet. She has the power to walk shoulder to shoulder with people. So everyone should think about what she can’t do today…

The only purpose of speaking is to respect and teach women to give … whether it is in your house or outside …

Thanks …
Preeti Ghasle

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