Karthika Pournami – Indian Festival - Answer Digitally
Karthika Pournami – Indian Festival

Karthika Pournami::

When is karthika pournami will be done in 2021? When is the lunar eclipse in 2021?
Here according to Hindus, it’s considered that the Kartika month is the holiest. It was equivalent to Shivaratri. Puranas says that the day of lord shiva performed thandavam on the occasion thousands of years of asura rule is celebrated as karthika pournami. In karthika Masam or pournami in this people do fasting, meditation, chanting, and donations during the month of Kartika so it brings good results.

Here in 2021 karthika pournami is celebrated on November 18. Karthika pournami starts from 12.01 pm November 18 2021 and ends at 2.27 pm November 19, 2021.
Here there are 365 days in the year on karthika pournami, 365 accents are added and those are placed in cow ghee, giving virtue of lighting lamps throughout the year.
In karthika pournami Tulasi vratham, 365 wick lamp, one lakh wick lamp worship will be done on the night of November 18.
Fasting will be done and give donations to brahmins, lamp donations will be done, Archana, usiri lamp donations will be done on November 19th.
On full moon day, the lunar eclipse will be starting from 12.45 pm and ending at 4.17 pm on November 19.
: In lunar eclipse in household items means cooking items of food curry etc in this garika which means kind of grass should be placed.
In a lunar eclipse, it’s better not to eat anything.
Don’t sleep until the eclipse is finished.
Pregnant people should not go anywhere at home also they should sit without moving.
House should be cleaned after leaving the eclipse then take a bath.

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