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Lets Fall in Love – Love at first sight

Love at first sight:

In this people claim to experienced Love at first sight.
It swirls together swoon-worthy ideas of destiny, soul mates, true love.
And those feelings lead to happy and healthy relationships.

Is it real love at first sight?

According to singles in American survey singles conduct dating site matches.
I.e broken down genders, 41percent of men and 29 percent of women said they have experienced.
But many married people experts are less convinced that people can fall in love at first sight.

People feel an intense attraction connection that they can mistake as love.
We all like to believe that love is magic.

Top reasons people might feel like they fell in love at first sight:

Physical attraction:
People are usually falling in love with people they find physically attractive to the aforementioned.

Confusing love and infatuation: Here is this intense feeling of attraction and fixation for someone without knowing them well.
Usually by ignorance red flags in favor of fantasy.

Openness to love :
People looking for love might be more likely to fall

Halo effect :
In this, some happy couples apply current feelings of love to their memories of the past.

Is the love dangerous??

It’s not dangerous or unhealthy.
There are plenty of couples in healthy relationships.
They said love is more based on physical attraction and infatuation.

Love sighs happening to you :

You feel an instant physical attraction to the person.

After u just met u feel an immediate connection to the person.

You feel drawn to the person wanting to be around them more.

You don’t know anything about a person or you know little about them.

You already know you would be down to be in a relationship with this person.

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