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Love or deception

love or deception



vinay and sarika have been married for two years

after getting married, sarika is busy with her housework and vinay is also busy with her work. everything is going smoothly

but, sarika was taking care of her responsibilities but she felt that somewhere in her life she was trying hard to invest herself


she talked to vinay about it. vinay made her understand that you used to be so busy going out with your girlfriend and now you are just at your job so you must think so. she said yes to vinay.  talk to her friend, go out with them, or take some other class that suits you. and you can keep yourself bus


she agreed to vinay’s words. and he gave her a laptop. she did a lot of online classes in it. she started learning some new dishes. she also started chatting with her old friends. she was also playing now.  it was visible. but neither sarika nor vinay had any idea that this would destroy everything ..


one day sarika is noting a dish on her laptop. she gets a notification in which she has a friend request from sameer deshpande.  she knew in that look that he had failed he


sameer sends her a message in the messenger. sarika sends a message. yes.  was your refusal.

i couldn’t love anyone after falling in love with you. sarika is shocked to hear this. she doesn’t say anything to him

sameer says that after this you just want to talk to me. she agrees


now sameer and sarika used to talk every day. sameer started approaching sarika and sarika started talking to him.  vinay was not aware of all these things. his words were now beyond limits. sarika was forgetting all this and was constantly thinking of him. sameer used to live in pune. and a year later vinay was transferred to pune


sarika and sameer are both very happy. while shifting in pune, sameer helps them to get a flat and sarika visits vinay as he is his college friend. sameer helps them a lot in pune. so vinay shows his good intentions for hi


but vinay had no idea that sameer and sarika had already set up all these things. now sameer used to come and go to their house constantly.  tried to do. then she felt a little strange. and she angrily told him to leave


sameer calmed her down and left. but today sarika realized that we have made a mistake. she is to blame for samir’s courage. and she started talking to him a little less. as soon as sameer noticed this, he started apologizing to he

it will not happen again. i love you. it all happened. she took it easy. because if she denies it all at once, sameer can do something or tell vinay about it. so sarika calmed down.


but sameer kept calling her and talking to her. she was out now. but sarika didn’t want to show sameer that.  .  that sameer’s whole page changed mental

is.  and it won’t leave you now. he tells her that if you don’t support me, i will show vinay all the evidence in her. she is scared of jam. and sameer blackmails her and tells her his plan


that he will send some 2 or 3 people home and they will harass you, they will kill vinay and we will prove that he died by mistake. she takes it all but she doesn’t know anything.  she will not let anything happen to her. she accepts the punishment that vinay will give her. and as soon as she says that, 2 or 3 people come home and throw away everything. sarika calls vinay.  with me and they both jump down from the top. it takes both of them. they run to the house next door to help. all the people come together and stop the me


the police come and interrogate him. sameer is also in it and sameer blames sarika that she had planned to kill vinay.  and then she asked him to marry her. no one listened to sarika’s words because sameer had kept all the evidence with her. they recorded her voice in her voice. and the police take sarika to the police station. she just wanted to talk to vinay.  but today vinay’s eyes were downcast


and in court, sarika tried to seduce sameer and kill vintage

conviction and imprisonment …





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