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Love you jindagi🤗🤗🤗🤗

Love you life …… ©

Say hi hi hi from the heart…
Say bye-bye-bye to the heart that doesn’t feel …
Let it come, let it come, let it cover your heart
Say hi to hi hi hi …..
Let go let go let go from the heart
Say bye bye-bye to the panic

Love you life ….. !!!!
Love you life …. !!!!!
Love me life … !!!! ©

I want to drive the car of life like this new song. What a meaningful song. It summed up life in a single line and told a lot.

I have adapted my life in the same way. I am 35 years old and single but happy ……
When I was in college, I fell in love with a boy and his. No doubt. But at the turn of life, he left. And it was good. It all ended. In the end, everyone has to be practical in life.
I don’t blame him.

I was about to end Aarti College Life.
So we all arranged a party. It was at a friend’s farmhouse. And we all decided to go there in our own two-wheeler. That day will always be remembered in my life because even without remembering it, it would remind me …..

We all left in our car in the morning. We decided to leave early as it was a highway. We had a lot of fun when we got there. After the party was over, we left for home.

As I was about to reach some distance on the road, a speeding car came in the wrong direction in front of me. As soon as I knew something, it hit my car hard. Darkness fell before all my eyes and I fainted. After that, I don’t remember anything.

When I just opened my eyes, I was in the hospital. My mother was sitting next to me. She was crying all the time. I told her, “I’m fine. Why are you crying? And when I tried to get up to take care of her, I couldn’t get up.” The lower part of my back was completely broken. The impact was so strong that I hit straight on the back.

And now I have trouble getting up and sitting down. I always need someone to help me with everything. I mean, I was a living but crippled man. I changed everything in a minute. My outlook on life changed. Dreams of your future were beginning to color. And suddenly your life came to an end.

Everything was ruined. My parents brought me home. They took care of me every day
I was not left alone, I was constantly in need of my mother and father. Every day new people come to my house to meet me. How did it happen? I don’t want it to happen now. I could see clearly on their faces.

And one day, all my friends came to see me. I was just looking for him. But I realized that he said he had nothing to do with me now. After all that, he thought, what is left now? Would not have happened.
That night I thought I should stop my life here. My parents are suffering because of me. If I am not there, they will be happy. They will not have to listen to people. And I put a big cloth in my mouth and tried to stop breathing.

But suddenly a voice came from my mind. Don’t wait ….. !!!!!!

Doing this is not the right thing to do, but you will get rid of this problem, but your people will suffer the most, not just because of what people say.
And I stopped. I let out a long sigh and came to my senses. This is what I was doing. If I feel that I am bothering my family, I should try to reduce it. I should try to increase it. There is nothing wrong with what happened. I have to accept this and move forward. It will be difficult to start my life with a new vision. But it will not be impossible. Now I decided to live now but in a new sense ….. with a new concept …. ©

I started trying to get up on my own every morning. With the help of my mother, I started to straighten my legs. And I started to reduce the number of people coming home. I also started preparing in front of me.

I thought to myself that I want to live. It is for myself, for my parents. Not for the people who always work to add salt to such a turn. Love in the world is free for parents, the rest has to be paid for.

No matter how weak you are, it is your parents who will support you. And it is with this love that I am a manager in a company today. I am proud of myself that I am not dependent on anyone today. Even though I am disabled today, I have overcome my disability.

Today I am able to do all my work in your home. My parents don’t have to listen to anyone anymore. What will happen to what I was thinking …..

And all the credit goes to my parents who did not leave me in such a difficult situation, gave me the courage to live …. to fulfill my dreams
I was never let go … ©

And I will say in front ……

Kabhi haath pakkar ke tu mera
Chal de chal de …. !!!!!
Kabhi haath chudakar mein tera
Chal du chal du …. !!!!!
I’m a little bent
You are a little teddy
What a wonderful pairing
Teri meri …. !!!!
Aane do aane do dil mein
Come on, say a smile
Ko hi hi hi hi

Love your life ……

Love your life ……..


Finished …thank you
Preeti Ghasle

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