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Let us understand what is marketing first, marketing is the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. Marketing can be done online or offline.

Marketing is completely depending on human psychology and perceptions . Marketing does not mean only selling products, it is creating a product that fits the market and satisfy the customer’s needs.

Marketing is completely based on science but not on creativity. There is saying

“Marketing is the science of convincing us that What You Get Is What You Want. — John Carter”

Study your customers, market, and trends to find the “one move” that works. Then sending the right message at right time to the right person is the best successful way of Marketing.

Building trust with the customers is more important to win. Mass trust is developing trust with a lot of people. And also it’s important to keep the existing customers happy so that they remain your customers for a lifetime.

Marketing is creating a product you can be first in. So it is much easier to get into the mind first than to try to convince.

Creating/selling the best quality products will help to stay longer and grow in the market. selling cheap products will lead your marketing strategies and efforts will go to waste and that may break the customer’s trust will lead to failure.

A great product will sell itself and convert your customers as brand ambassadors.

The purpose of marketing is to build a brand that tends to maintain its leadership is that the name often becomes generic

eg: Maggie. Even many people now many brands of noodles are there in the market but is the only brand that comes to mind that has captured.


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