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memory of your old rose 🌹

Although it is an old rose
Your memory is always new …

The only one you remember
The sign is with me …

How fragrant it is
I can feel through the pages of my notebook that is stuck ..

It was worth it to me at the time. That is why she is so precious to me today …

Not with you today but with this rose
Your memory is always fresh in my mind …

You may not remember that day
But the new dawn of my life is only left by this old rose of yours …

Like you through this rose
The same is true of my life today
This is an invaluable part …

You don’t need to remember me today
There are some relationships that are stopping here.

But that little joy of life
Even today I have this rose on my face
Daily has given …

This is just my and my right
I don’t need anyone’s permission to take it.

Preeti …..

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