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Missing Him

Missing him::

Humans are naturally social creatures. Most people crave some level of intimacy. On the other one side connection lies and loneliness. You can’t see or speak to someone when you care about. It’s the pain of their absence.
Sometimes u think that u can solve the problem of missing something by picking phone or going for a visit, but u can’t reconnect.
If you care for someone and enjoy spending time with them it’s only natural absence when they leave.

Taking care of yourself :
It’s an emotional wound important as treating physical ones. You have experienced loss you’ll need time to adjust to feeling like yourself again.
Make Time to sit with your feelings:
Ignoring the pain of missing might seem like a good way to get rid of it but avoiding usually has the opposite effect. Emotions are persistent.
Some quiet time emotions of feelings:
Accept whatever emotions: love, regret, and anger – come up without judgment.
Explore your emotions: it’s better to understand where they come from.
Encourage yourself with positive self-talk.
Interact with others: missing someone with loneliness is normal to feel when no one else fills the space in your heart.
I’m they are far away: even you know they are far you’ll see the person you are missing, it makes it difficult to turn your attention towards anything else as you count the days.
Schedule remote hangout:
Staying in touch like chatting via text messages, telephone, and video chat so brings feelings fulfillment as face-to-face interaction. It feels more connected as you wait out the separation.

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take care someone, that’s only for you take care of me all that time, Every moment I spent with you keep those memories with me, which I have woven with you all the time take care of my own self, I cherish the one who is only with you you keep me those memories in…

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