Mucormycosis cases rising in India - Answer Digitally
Mucormycosis cases rising in India

Mucormycosis cases rising in India

Mucormycosis cases rising in India.

People who are at risk of contracting black, white and yellow fungal infections.

The highest risk of contracting mucormycosis right now?

Over the past weeks there has been a sharp rise in the number of fungal infections reported in india, which many feel is the newest epidemic we are facing.

Now, while mucormycosis, namely black and white fungal infections aren’t exactly rate or new disease in itself, the proportion of cases detected, high mortality rate and the short availability of anti fungal medications is what makes the infections even scarier at a time like this when we are facing pressure of surging covid 19 infections.

Now, mucormycosis may not hit every individual impact fully, but it can be quite serious and mortal for those suffering from health complications and comborbidities people with compromised immunity right now , are the most susceptible to the risks and complications associated with fungal infections.

Uncontrolled diabetes:

The highest risk of catching fungal infections of any kind right now exists for those people who have a history of high blood sugar levels or Uncontrolled diabetes.

Diabetes patients are also prone to skin infections, frequent bruises which can also allow for the fungus to enter the body more easily.

Hiv Aids:

Hiv Aids, according to the centers of disease control and prevention is one of the biggest contributing immuno suppressant conditions, which not just makes a person vulnerable to getting sick often, but also develop fungal infections.

Those who have recovered from covid 19 in the past 6 weeks.

The majority and white fungus cases right now have been tied to patients who have recovered from covid 19 or were hospitalized for the treatment of covid 19 .according to Dr Randeep Guleria , director, aims patients who have recovered from covid 19 within 6 weeks are heavily at risk.

Kidney disorders:

Renal damage and failure can be bad for your immunity since it can weaken your system and easier for germs and pathogens to enter and cause consequential damage.

First case of yellow fungus detected in ghaziabad, doctor says it is generally in reptiles:

The man has been diagnosed with three types of fungal infections black, white and yellow fungal, which was detected through the endoscopy said Dr BP tyagi, an ENT specialist.

Ghaziabad: At a time when several parts of the country are reporting a rising number of black and white fungus cases, a 45 year old covid 19 patient is in ghaziabad has been diagnosed with the yellow fungus infection, becoming the first to suffer from the illness in Uttar pradesh, a healthy official said.

Yellow fungus is generally found in reptiles but found this first time in human. There is no reference in any journal about this , the senior doctor said.

The patient was undergoing treatment for covid 19 for the past two months and was also recovering when in the last four days doctor noticed one sided swelling on his face due to which he was unable to open his eyes.

Yellow fungus infection curable: Dr tyagi also said the yellow fungus infection can be cured by the anti fungal drug amphotericin B but it takes time to heal the wound as compared to white fungus and black fungus.

The patient is in septicemia but he is not well. we are giving him medicine.

According to the doctor, the symptoms of yellow fungus are lethargy, reduced or loss of appetite, and weight loss in severe cases, the symptoms include leakage of pus, slow healing of wounds, sunken eyes due to malnutrition and organ failure and necrosis.

Fungus thrives in unhygienic surroundings, humidity:

The doctor said that it is important to maintain cleanliness and hygiene to help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus thrives in unhygienic surroundings and humidity.

The humidity of the house is also important so it should be measured at all times. Too much humidity can promote the growth of bacteria and fungus he said.

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