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Mystery of that partial body

Mystery ….. (of that partial body)



“Saurabh” completes his schooling and now takes admission in a new college.

He wakes up early in the morning eager to go to the new college.


His college is 7 to 8 kilometers away from home. He walks the streets every day. On the street he sees a nice 2 storey building. He used to look at it every day. Since he used to come and go from there on a daily basis, he was always looking at the building. But he never saw anyone walking there.


One day while going to college, he noticed a window on the top floor of the building. He saw a girl standing by the window. And she was so beautiful that he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was so beautiful. He must have come to live.


The next day, as he walks back to the front of the building, he looks out the window, she’s standing there, and he’s smiling at her, he’s smiling at her, and he’s leaving. He can’t see, so he’s a little sad.


And he thinks that if he doesn’t see her today..and as he approaches the building, he sees her in the front window. This time he sees her gesturing to him to come. He climbs the stairs to the garden. He is so excited to go to her that he doesn’t even notice that the condition of the house from the inside was not what it looked like from the outside. He goes upstairs.


When he opens the door, she looks out of the window. But he sees that her lower body was not there. He keeps looking at her. She forgets that she has to run away from there. And she comes to him with the help of her hands. She stands on half of her body and asks in a strange and horrible voice.



Where is my half body ???? Tell me where is my body ….. and grab his throat and close the door ……

Since then, no one has ever seen “Saurabh”.


A few years later, a couple would go home after a party at night. The highway seemed so sunny that day. It was late at night.

Reena was falling asleep, but, as Sameer’s company, she was talking to him in the middle of the road.


As soon as Sameer took a nap while driving, he saw a girl suddenly appear in front of the car, and he pulled her out of the car. Nellie and her are torn in two but only her upper part is left there. Seeing this, he shakes his head. But, Reena can’t see anything. She asks Sameer what happened ?? He quickly tells Reena to get in the car without telling him, and they leave.


They are just about to see what he sees in the rearview mirror of his car. The girls who were now torn in two by his car are moving half of their bodies behind the car with the help of both their hands. Increases.


But, on the way, his attention goes to the lower half of the girl who is coming towards the road, it is her lower part which is coming in front of Sameer’s car while walking. There is a loud noise and she hits the windshield of the car and looks at him. Seeing her, Sameer loses control of the car and the car overturns and falls. Reena gets out of the car and hits the road outside. Does it in two pieces, and Sameer shouts Reena ….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And falls unconscious.


When he opens his eyes, he is in the hospital. His friend is sitting in front of him, he asks him how it all happened. Then Sameer tells him all the incidents.


It was an incident in the same village. There was a girl living there. She was very beautiful and calm. She was afraid to talk to anyone.

One day some four naughty boys are standing in the street. It is night time and they tell her to stop and ask some questions but she is scared and doesn’t answer and they try to get angry and they get angry. Throw away.

She hears the sound of a car and tries to get up, but she realizes that her legs are stuck in it, and the oncoming train breaks her in two. But no one comes. And she keeps on tormenting ….. and since then everyone sees her. Because no one saved her …


On hearing this, Sameer sees her every day in a dream and asks …..





Where is my half body ??????????

Where is my body …




A completely fictional event …….






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