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Mystery of the dead sea

mystery of the dead sea …….




there are some amazing things in kanokopara of the world along with natural beauty which are world famous for its uniquenes


what a surprise, isn’t it ?????


the pleasure of the beach and the water in ukada makes you happ

however, the dead sea is an ocean that no one can drown in. the dead sea is the smallest and most sparsely populated sea in the world.  the latter part is in israel and the other part is in jordan

the sea is 65 kilometers long and 18 kilometers wide. it is 1375 feet deep. the dead sea is considered to be the lowest point on earth

in terms of topography, the sea is part of jordan’s largest plateau

as can be seen from the study of the acute links of the queue

the arabian sea, the sea of asphalt is another name for it. the arabs also call it the sea of destiny. in fact, the water of every sea is salty. however, the water of the dead sea is 33% more salty than other seas.  no.  no fish or other aquatic life can survive in it.  however, this water is beneficial for health. bathing with this water destroys many diseases

salt, potash and bromine are the only products found in this sea. bromine contains 20 times more bromine and 50 times more magnesium than normal water

and 10 times more salt is iodine. the bromine in it calms the arteries.  magnesium relieves skin allergies and iodine works to increase the activity of the pituitary gland

the salinity of the sea is very high. therefore, the water density of the dead sea is high.  so no one drowns in this sea. and this is why the tourists who come here enjoy it very much. you can do many things by staying in the water here

for example, reading newspapers, reading magazines, enjoying tea, coffee or juice. this feature has developed tourists here

it has become a famous picnic spot. beach hotels have also been built. people enjoy swimming in the water and rubbing sand on their bodies

the water of this ocean is very beneficial. it is used for many purposes. it is said that cleo character also used the water of this ocean to enhance his beauty. but now the water of this ocean is slowly decreasing.  the reservoir that meets this sea has changed its water course

apart from this, the mineral industry is also using a lot of this water.  moreover, the cosmetic industry is using this water to make cosmetics.  if this continues like this, the water of this sea will be pumped up again and again and one day the existence of this sea will end …..




we have to be careful that the “dead sea” is not really dead ……!  isn’t it







preeti ghasle …









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