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Never take a shortcut

Whether it’s you in life, or we see every man with a shortcut somewhere, then why isn’t he in any case …..

 But, the sound of these shortcuts is sometimes so expensive that it is difficult to guess … This story is based on this …

 But before that ………

 All the characters in this story, the space events in the story are fictional. This story is made for your entertainment purpose only.  However, if there is any connection between this incident and the place, it should be easily understood as a mere coincidence. The purpose of this story is not to give a bad impression about anyone and to dominate anything at all.  We request the reader to read this story with this in mind.

 The phone rings …..

 Tring Tring …

 Tring Tring…

 dada’s phone is …..

 Our dada, my elder brother is in the police …

 I’m Pintu…..

 Our dada’s order is, above all for us …… we are always ready for him to order.

 Hello …. Pintu.

 Yes Dada tell me

 Where are you? You have a job, just visit Ghatkopar Road …

 Pintu …

 Yes, dada arrived in 20 minutes

 Just 20 minutes away from our house

 Is Ghatkopar ..

 And to his right is Dada’s police station …

 I’ll be right back.

 My mother heard that my dada had a phone call and he called me as soon as possible.

 So says the mother

 Take care and …

 Yes .. !!!

 Coming soon.

 Immediately, I reached Ghatkopar Road

 dada was already standing there.


 Speak dada !!!

 Police dada …

 The Big Boss has arrived home for dinner this evening.

two bottles of wine or drink

 You do a job. I will meet you at home.

 Pintu …

 Don’t want to be a dada !!!!

 dada …..

 No, I will make it. Let’s take two bottles with you.

 And reach my room…

 Room is dada’s police carter

 They lived there …

 And in between, the party continued.

 I gave them chicken and two bottles with it

 Delivers to their room …



 Tring Tring …

 dada ..


 Pintu …..

 dada, I have kept the said stuff in your room.

 dada …

 Yes ok

 Will call again if there is any work OK, deposit now …

 Pintu …..

 Okay, dada …

 And I, (Pintu) go home …

 I …..

  Dada’s work was done

 Pintu …

 Yes ..

 I …

 Let’s eat. It’s late.

 Pintu ….

 Yes, wash your hands and feet, you keep growing.

 That’s how he goes to the room saying, mother ..

 The mother would have grown up … she also sits nearby.

 Mom says.

 Talk to dada, he will hire you somewhere. Someday you will just run here and there for his work. Start your own work somewhere. Now it is yours.

 Pintu …..

 Ag !!  Why does my mother worry, she is my dada … He is the one before we talk

 Where is the effort for me …

 And yes, as you say, I don’t want to worry about dada … well.

 About 10 o’clock.

 We all had our meals packed.

 All of you were going to Apulia Anthurna. That, the phone rang again.

 Tring Tring ….

 Tring Tring …..

 Mom says …

 Someone’s phone so late at night

 Pintu …..

 Let’s see, who owns it

 Seeing is believing !!

 Mom … so many nights

 Let’s see what the lift says.

 Pintu …. yes

 Hello … hello …

 No sound …

 Hello dada …


 The phone hangs up …

 The ring rings again.

 Tring Tring …

 Pintu …. picking up the phone.

 Hello … Hello dada

 dada …

 Pintu is making a noise now.

 Pintu …. yes dada is coming, talk.

 There was a job. Come to my room right now

 Pintu …. dada now.

 All is well without what happened !!!!

 Yes, all is well. Come to the room first. And the phone hangs up.

 I …..

 What the heck !!  What did Dada say?

 Pintu ….. I have been called to the room immediately. Why Ray !!

 What happened

 Didn’t know what to say, he just said come on.

 Mom … what do you call this? Mom says looking at the clock.  If you stay at 11 o’clock at night, when will you come back, if you are late, if you stay there, you should not go out at night …

 Pintu …. yes mom is leaving now otherwise it will be too late.

 I ….. yes

 Pintu … immediately gets dressed and takes off his bicycle.

 The mother knew his cigarette habit, so the mother says Awarjun. You don’t want to stop and smoke anywhere.

 Pintu ….. throws his neck down and runs away saying yes ..

 It takes him at least 20.25 minutes to reach his dada’s room.

 Upon reaching the room …

 He sees that Dada and his master have taken one of the coolest.

 dada …

 Aala Pintu

 Pintu … yes dada tell me what works.

 Hello sir …

 dada … Pintu, leave our master to his house. He was a little overwhelmed. Then leave him to his house.

 It is not Pimpal village.

 Pintu …. dada but, the bicycle will be late.

 dada …. it won’t happen, sir will tell you short cut ..

 Would have been sent along with the driver.  But, why the bombing? It’s too late to call you.

 Pintu ….. OK. Come on sir.

 He pulls out his bicycle and leaves.

 Pintu …. thinking how can I come when my dada sent me alone for so many nights. And he leaves.

 Saheb was constantly talking on the road because he was upset. He didn’t know what he was talking about.

 Sir ….. they ask me.

 Aren’t you afraid ???

 Pintu ….. don’t think so sir.

 Sir …. then, how can you go alone when you come..shil

 Pintu ….. Sir, if you tell me a short cut, I will arrive soon.

 Sir …. there is a short cut but,

 Pintu ….. but, what sir.

 Sir ….. that road is a bit scary.

 People usually avoid going down that road.

 Pintu ….. but, those who go do not go!

 And so far I’ll be late.

 Sir … this road is long.  But, Pintu is safe. And if you make a short cut, don’t stop anywhere. You will be blown away by a bridge.

 In the meantime, the master’s house arrives.

 Sir …. OK Pintu, get out now. Otherwise it will be too late.

 Pintu ….. yes Saheb Ram Ram.

 Pintu …. immediately turns the bicycle and leaves.

 Now I was thinking of which road to take. Dada sent me along to tell me the short cut, but Saheb told me halfway that the shortcut was not right.  Now Pintu (I) went between the two roads and stood up. At that moment, a car driver came from behind and he immediately took a shortcut turn from there. I then started riding my bicycle behind him.  I can’t see the driver in front of me, he runs away so fast that I can’t see anything in front of me. I keep looking at him here and there.

 It was getting dark in front of me. There was no light on the road. I saw a raw pool in front of me.  And just then a voice came from behind.


 What sir on our road today ..

 How we remembered today.

 Pintu …. (I) immediately looked back.

 No one

 A very sweet scent began to come. The scent of cigarettes disappeared and I started looking around. Then I saw a girl on his bridge. But now when I came here, there was no one here. She was looking down from the bridge. And one foot.  She was sitting leaning. Nothing was clear in the dark. Again, she said, sir, he will not come near. I came a little in front. Then I saw her face. And what ?????

 What a beautiful girl she was. I have never seen such a beautiful girl. What a magic in her, I kept looking at her. And her eyes would not let me look at her. Today  I was going out of my mind. And that’s how she was calling me. But what was she doing here alone for so many nights. So I asked her from a distance. She said come closer and think.  At that moment, I saw a cyclist coming. His bicycle had a light. He spoke to me without stopping the bicycle. Why did he stop? He left quickly and he left.  She may be calling for money. But, I also said I have nothing. She said I don’t want anything, I just want you …….

 I was getting closer to her. I couldn’t see her lower body. And her face was half visible. Now I was so close to her that I could feel her.  And then she gripped my throat hard with her big fingernails. And as soon as I knew it, I suddenly lit my cigarette lighter to look at her.  The sound of a fox was heard in her voice. And as she disappeared, only white


 I saw the sheet flying in the wind. I realized that this is not an ordinary girl. I immediately came down from the bridge, took my bicycle and ran away. I did not turn back or stop again.  That, I read today only because of your lighter. And that’s why everyone passing by must be moving fast without stopping. That’s when I wanted to know.  I was attracted. Today, my life would have been lost due to her attraction. She came home and told her mother. My mother had shouted for jam before.

 The next day ….

 dada came home.

 dada …… what c !!  What happened mom ???

 Mom …. you know what happened last night !!

 dada …. what happened ??

 Pintu …… tells Dada the full truth of last night.

 dada …. what the heck !!!

 I don’t believe in all this

 And in my business it’s all a kind of superstition, and people have ways to blackmail you, scare people and then do your work in the dark of night so that they don’t have any problems with their work.

 Mom … sometimes we don’t see all these things with our own eyes, nor do we believe in it.

 dada … OK, come with me tonight. Pintu

 Pintu …… Yes, dada is coming. But, let’s meet Saheb once!

 dada …… why sir ???

 Pintu …… They know too. They gave me advance notice but …..

 dada …… OK, let’s go to the room tonight.

 And dada leaves.

 Mom …… take care !!!!

 O God protect me !!!

 Mother prays to God.

 At around 7 pm, Pintu goes to Dada’s room, eats there and leaves for Saheb’s house.  They leave the house at around 10 am. They reach Saheb’s house by 10.30 am.

 Sir ….. what happened?

 dada …. telling them all about last night and asking them what the truth is.

 Then Saheb says ….

 Sir ….. I told Pintu yesterday.

 But, since I was not in a position to speak yesterday, I could not say everything.

 Pintu ….. what sir .. ???

 Nothing more was said, which was to be said.

 Because, I read yesterday. Otherwise, I don’t know what was going to happen.

 dada …… nothing is all rumors.  Which people have spread ..

 Sir ….. No, I will tell you.  Once upon a time

 A girl appeared on the bridge.  The man who attracted everyone to her was attracted to her. She took him with her to the forest under the bridge. And in the morning when the villagers found some dogs attacking, they reported it to the police.  Then we saw his condition with our own eyes. We found signs of the man biting his whole body. We found black spots on his mouth and some stuffing in his mouth. He must have tried very hard to get rid of it.  Animals can’t do that !!!

 And after that incident

 Many night laborers go on to say that they find a lonely girl there at night. Some stop, some run away in fear.

 So I just told Pintu, don’t stop.

 dada ….. so let’s find out today.

 Pintu ….. Yes, I could feel the sound of a fox in her voice.

 dada ….. what is it?  The animal man is both in his form, so to speak.

 Pintu …. don’t know dada.

 dada doesn’t believe all these things so he is not afraid.

 It was about 11.30am.

 dada ….. let’s go Pintu.

 Sir ….. I also come with you ..

 dada ….. ok come sir.

 dada, Pintu (me), and Saheb get out in their jeep.

 Reaching the bridge, we reach 12.00. They stop the jeep at the same place where Pintu (I) had parked his bicycle under the bridge.  And then only dada gets out of the car.

 dada is looking everywhere that he can hear this voice.

 What sir came after so many days.

 I have never seen such a handsome man as you.

 dada’s eyes sparkle.

 They immediately turn back.

 They start looking here and there.

 What do you see here and there ..

 Come here

 I am standing on the bridge

 dada tries to see them but no one sees them.

 They go a little further.

 They see someone standing in a pink robe.

 They go a little further.

 An enchanting scent comes to them too.

 The girl turns back.

 And when he sees her, he forgets everything. She gestures to him.  And Dada Dhund draws his eyes on her adorable face.

 Here Pintu (me) and Saheb get out of the car.

 They forbid Dada to go to her. However, Dada is completely attracted to her.

 Pintu ….. very scared what to do now.

 I’m screaming dada … dada … stop her ..

 She is not a girl.

 The girl is looking at Dada now. She says to Dada, I have never seen a strong man like you till today. So Dada gets even happier and goes to her.

 As he approaches her, she grabs Dada’s neck with both hands. Dada now comes to his senses. He tries to free himself from her.

 Dada Machis Laav ……

 And dada burns the match in his pocket and throws it at her.

 She is screaming loudly and is trembling here and there.  Because the matchstick fell directly on her body. She was burnt and Dada sees a white cloth flowing in the water of the bridge below.

 Pintu (me) and Saheb run up to Dada,

 And Dada says, it will never come again. She was suffering from fire which hit her this time and she was drowning.

 Today, Dada admits from his experience that this was not a rumor that people were saying.

 She made many innocent people her prey. Today we have destroyed her. Now no one will be afraid to come this way.

 Her whole body was destroyed ……..

 Thanks ..

 Preeti ghasle

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