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Nothing will happen without you

Really ….. !!!!!

How often it happens, we quarrel over small things. There is never such a big reason behind quarreling. But we want to be angry because of that. It really hurts somewhere.
Both of them have information that they can’t do without talking. Now who will show your shortcomings !! I mean, I don’t care if I say no, but not at all, they both know it.
We show the anger that happens to both of them. But, what happened to the third person, what is going on. It is not known. He has no idea what went wrong !!!!

But that anger is not really a quarrel, it is a matter of stopping talking to each other. And the person in front is not admitting the mistake. Why do we keep on taking this rage without talking?

And basically it doesn’t say,

Nothing will happen without you
I can’t be persuaded ……

Preeti Ghasle …

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