OnePlus Nord CE 5G Quiz - Answer Digitally
OnePlus Nord CE 5G Quiz

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Quiz

  1. What is the name of the new Oneplus Nord being launched in june 2021?

a. OnePlus Nord FE 5G.
b. OnePlus Nord CE 5G.
c. OnePlus Nord N1 5G.
d. OnePlus Nord GE 5G.

Answer. b. OnePlus Nord CE 5G.

  1. Which is the iconic color the OnePlus Nord is known for?

a. Nord Yellow.
b. Nord White.
c. Nord Blue.
d. Nord Red.

Answer. c. Nord Blue.

  1. What does the CE in OnePlus Nord CE 5G stand for?

a. Complete Edition.
b. Core Edition.
c. Corporate Edition.
d. Community Edition.

Answer. b. Core Edition.

  1. When was OnePlus Nord first launched in India?

a. July 2020.
b. October 2020.
c. February 2021.
d. December 2020.

Answer. a. July 2020.

  1. In which regions will be the OnePlus Nord CE 5G be available?

a. North and South America.
b. India and Africa.
c. North America and Europe.
d. India and Europe.

Answer. d. India and Europe.

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