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Organic Bath Soap

Soaps of slogans and taglines:

Bathing Soaps are a compound solid substance used for personal cleaning, externally. Soaps are made of salts of fatty acids mainly produced through the process.

Best soap slogan:

Smell fresh, be fresh
Soft skin feel
Love every bath
Be clean, be you
Love your skin
The best fragrance for the best bath
Reward yourself
Get the best soap
Ph balanced
No harm chemicals

Ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, and Romans were known to have made and used soap consisting of a mixture of readily available substances such as plant oils, alkaline rocks, etc.
The tradition was kept alive throughout ancient Europe especially in Gaul and Germania and later in the Middle East during the Golden age of Islam

We cannot imagine a day without soap anymore. Soaps are universally used and revered by all.

List of bath soap company slogans:

Pledge cleanliness.

Stay clean. Stay pure.
It is fun being clean.

Making you embrace your natural beauty.

A luxurious experience.

Have buttery soft glowing skin.

Let the freshness explode.

Flavors for your skin.

A gentle soap for your children.

A soap so good, it brightens up your mood.

Rejuvenate the skin you are in.
Clean clear and confident.

For a fresh start to your new day.
New day, new you!

Saveur all the fun!

Bathing has never been fun!

Elevating your mind, body with soap!

For a clean bill of health.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and this is God’s soap.

For your healthy living.

Cherish your skin again.

Relish your bathtime!

The feel of your skin never felt better!

Clean up your act and skin!

Approved by the dermatologist.

Recommended by hygiene experts.

Prescribed by mother nature.

Elegance. Opulence. Brilliance.

Feel exquisite daily.

Get rid of tiredness in 3 2 1!

Made by us, Made for you.

Your skin never had it better before.

A posh soap at a cheap price!

Give your skin a healing feeling.

The finest soaps for babies and infants.
The day of germs is just gone!
You have never seen a soap like this!
Getaway clean and clear.

A soap so good, not buying it is rude!
Pampering your skin is pampering you.
The purity seeps through you.

Be irresistible.

The true soap for the true man.
For soft and supple skin.
Feel fresh non-stop all day!

A simple soap for your sensitive skin. Take care of your skin keep healthy and clean!!

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