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our beautiful sweet little love story❤️❤️

i took a new dress today, finished 10th and made my 11th debut. i had a new hurray in my mind.
i don’t think yes, 10th is not less than a few battles, it is the first step of a turn. i earned it by my own hard work. everyone was happy in the house, everything was happening like my heart.
the compliments from the mouths of the passers-by had become like a total ear.
baba school teacher mother housewife and two sisters seema, rima and me.
i am the eldest. being a girl, baba never let her feel lacking in studies or anything.
so i always respected baba. one of the good things about baba is that he believes in girls. as long as we don’t say something ourselves, they don’t turn to other people’s things. or not believing, and accompanying today’s situation.
only after adjusting everything according to today’s generation do they give their opinion. this is very dear to me in the case of my father.
our mother is very emotional. the three of us are a piece of her heart.
meena meena ….
i …… minu yeh minu hour. !!
it will be too late for you
today is the first day of college.
i …. yes done !!!
how could i be late today?
i slept happily all night .. seema and rima both spread out yet …
i broke their sleep with you
mom … let her sleep !!! both for a while
give me breakfast i go
baba … done, son, let me leave today, you are fine, baba .. !!!
baba pulls out the car.
and we both go to college.
dad speaks on the street, son. at the beginning of the new year, we make all the decisions with great enthusiasm, but it can be wrong. you have to make a decision immediately and thoughtfully. you are sensible.
yes baba …. !!!
and when i come to college, i enter my new college. i don’t know where to see the crowd of boys and girls from all sides. go straight and find your class first. 11a science
and sat on the front bench. slowly the boys and girls were coming. they were sitting by our side. a girl came and sat beside me.
smile !!! hi, i am sudha. i got to know your name. meena and the two of them started talking slowly. then sir came to the class. everyone got acquainted.
if you want to ask something in the class, sir, it was very cool to ask me first. the study started. it started from college to college. a month later, a new admission was made in the class.
rahul waghmare’s son says that he came to learn by singing outside and won the first place from vidarbha
he came suddenly and made a bold entry. just like in a movie, there is an entry of a hero.
it can be called an all-rounder.

sir, when he came to the class, he had to answer the same questions as he did now. the rest of the students were like the sender .. i used to sit in the class just to turn my head.

gradually i got acquainted with him. by nature, this is a very loving nature
i have never heard him speak in a loud voice..but who was going to do something in which he used to make everyone his own.

that, in my case, it was happening, who to go to … maybe not to say love or not .. ??? what a mess !!!
getting ready for college early every day. it is becoming more and more common to look for only one face. huh !!!
i was also understanding and along with sudha, i was also going crazy..i was crazy about rahul …..

if i didn’t come to college one day, my mind would get dizzy. i thought that i should also go home ….


at that time, my mind was in such a state that the scent of colorful flowers wafting in a flower garden was all around me. his single glance hit my eyes as if laddu was bursting in my mind. and if he smiled at it, the day would be full of joy. ..

it was as if he had become the basis of his life. he used to come to college every day thinking of him. he used to study by asking him. but now i have a fear in my mind. i can see that he is talking to someone. she was giving it to her sister …

i really liked rahul …
but if this is love, then it is not good to walk like this, it will be troublesome without falling in love unilaterally. there is nothing else. and one day went by. that’s when the exam came to my head. my head came to my senses. i prepared hard for the exam.
she was about to leave. now the main turning point was that 12 was where our future would come true. and i knew that whatever we did after this would be the right thing to do. so i focused a little on the study. i did tuitions. i did mindful study.
and today we are ready for the exams. baba used to come to the center every day to pick up and drop off. rahul’s center was there. baba once introduced him to him.
the exam was over, today was the last paper. we decided to meet on the last day because who was going to go later. baba gave permission. we all met at a coffee house. we discussed the paper. and easily we all started talking about our memories. we all met, got acquainted and became such good friends today. i didn’t know how. the day went by.
then i spoke. today we are meeting. i don’t know who will go where. i want to tell you something in my mind. after that, all the gossip happened. i dared. we are going to meet. there is no compulsion.

all said, tell me what you want to say …
i dared. what i am going to say today is in my mind. there is no such thing as coercion.
don’t say yes !!!!!

rahul ….. !!!!!
i love you !!!
from the very first day ..

there was silence everywhere. hot wind was blowing from my ears. my heart was pounding. i looked up at rahul. i could not find any expression on his face. i knew that he was angry. everyone was looking at us and i just had the real result of my exam with rahul today.

there was a frightening silence. i didn’t know how rahul was saying anything. what exactly is going on in his mind. as soon as he woke up, a tin tin started ringing in my head.

i ….. rahul say something, please go
what would i think of you going like this?

if you get angry, just say it .. what do i mean by your going ..
everyone started talking …. yes rahul
what’s wrong with what she said in her mind ??? oh, you too can speak and be free !!!! whatever you think
i don’t want to talk about rahul getting up …
but i am sorry that i did not dare like meena. i love you too meena but that’s right. you have your whole life in front of you. we have to think about it first … and we have to take care that the people of the house will not be hurt. considering all this, i have never said anything to you, but if you say it today, it would be wrong to hide it. .

i … i don’t know if i smile or cry …
this is the answer to my question … should we think about it or not?
everyone started talking oh !!! Stupid rahul !!!!
today just think that you both love each other ..
the rest will be set slowly ….
and we were both very happy smiling.

we talked to each other and exchanged numbers. and we went on the road in front of us. the result came in 1 month. we all left in a very good percentage. rahul went to pune for education. he studied engineering. i did msc in front of him.
rahul became a software engineer. in the meantime, we only focused on our careers.

today, everyone got the same. finally he is going to ask baba for me. today is the day for which we both supported each other and tried our best.

rahul came home with his parents. i had given the idea to baba in this regard. rahul comes home. he gets acquainted. he tells us everything about him. so baba talked to him about this new idea. it started to feel like a dream world.

the next two months of marriage preparations and finally i became mrs rahul …..
we both got our way without missing a beat. and today we made a beautiful start to a new world of our new life …..

my little but sweet love story with you ……

preeti ghasle🌼

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