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Outlet is important (be free)

* Be free ● *

The duck, which swims calmly in the water, looks calm from above, its legs move fast under the water. Just to show that you are swimming calmly. He alone knows his troubles.

A person does not have to be as strong on the inside as he does on the surface. He may have a different feeling in his mind, which does not reach us or he may be trying to hide behind that happy and happy face. In the end what … ?? Although there is a beautiful ‘Taj Mahal’ at the top, there is a ‘grave’ at the foot below, it should not be forgotten.

● Outlet

Is this outlet so important?
● Yes!
What will happen if we build a ‘huge dam’ for water by spending crores of rupees and don’t give it an outlet? The dam will definitely burst. What is so important is that the ● waste weir … ● The human body is a ● dam made up of various five elements. If there are too many problems in this body, will this body-like dam burst or not?

● Why Mumbai is full? Not enough outlets left

So keep your outlet open at all times. Tell your men your problems, using your ● mouth outlet. To open the outlet of your inner mind, adopt Vipassana, meditation tool, and if possible, the biggest outlet in the world is your ● eyes, open it. .. Rather than piercing the head with a pistol bullet, hanging the fan .. ● Is it never easy?

So support the shoulder called ● Friend. Open your mind ● Best outlet family and friends!
Laugh! Speak up! Cry! The pot!
● Express yourself !! Be free .. !!

● Take care ● ….

* Rather than saying “ᴍɪss ʏᴏᴜ” when leaving *

* Say “ᴡɪᴛʜ ʏᴏᴜ” as long as you are with me. It takes a lot of luck to get a man of affection ….! *


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