Prank of the eyes - Answer Digitally
Prank of the eyes

What are these eyes waiting for!!!!

Whose are the best!!!

This eye does not unnecessarily look for anyone,

Whose feeling is on this path!!!


Who has the right over these memories!!!

That is what is special to my eyes!!

I keep him sitting in the eyelids,

That’s what this heart hopes for!


Words fall short!!!

All eyes are on caste!!!

Sometimes she sheds tears in happiness,

Sometimes everyone hides in sorrow!!!


These eyes also have a strange feeling!

Sometimes everyone understands without speaking !!

Sometimes even after saying everything, she makes excuses for not understanding!!!


It’s just a game of eyes, sir

One touches the heart at a glance!!!

And someone cheats only with the eyes !!



stay out of sight

These looks are awesome!!!

all very easily

 Take it with you and drown!!


Preeti Ghasle

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