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i am anuj …..
we have been living in this pimpri village for 23 years now. with our parents and two sisters. this house is not our own. we have been living here on rent for almost 4 years. before this i was in another house. i live in a hostel where my education is going on. and on vacation i come to my village.

this is what happened to me. my sisters study here in pimpri village. my father is a teacher in a government school here. my mother is at home. there is nothing special about all this. certainly not with others.

it was raining heavily that day. i was late so i met the last bus at night at around 11.30 am to go to my village. i reached the village. i stopped at the bus stop. i got off alone. i didn’t stop there because there was no one at the bus stop. there was no car nearby. no one could be seen. the rain increased a little so i took shelter under a tree. but at that time i didn’t know anything and to be honest, i was a little scared because this dog was constantly increasing the fear. she was barking at me. but it was like barking at someone who was going, and now i was feeling it too. that there is someone here besides me. while i was thinking about all this, at one point i thought that someone must have jumped from one branch to another on the tree and i immediately looked back and saw that the tree was moving loudly. it’s not good to stay here anymore. i knew this, i felt something different. i thought to go back and look at the tree, but i didn’t have the courage. i kept thinking that it must be my dream. i saw an auto in front of me and i asked him and i sat in it and looked at the clock, it was 12.05, i knew that the sound was still coming to my ears. i didn’t ask him anything. i was soaked by the rain, so we sat quietly and reached home.
mom was already screaming.
i had no idea why she was coming so late. she was right too. i had no idea. it would be too late. and if i told her what i felt today, she would quietly enter my room. we were refreshed and hungry, but after eating a little as mom and dad ordell, everyone was silent. it was too late and everyone fell asleep.
i couldn’t sleep. the same sound was coming again and again. it must have been around 2.30 pm when i fell asleep. i heard a loud noise. i pulled the sheet up to my head. when that sound came loud. i broke out in a sweat. like someone is standing right next to me.
what should i do? i didn’t have the courage to take off the sheet from my head.
what do we do to give voice to someone ?? then the sound was going a little farther away, so he must be going through the room.

i woke up in the morning, i didn’t wake up. i woke up when my mother came to wake me up.
both the sisters came. then i saw the feet on their feet and they both hit the jam. both of them were joking at night and talked to me.
so she didn’t speak. grandpa, we don’t know when you came. mother spoke. both of them were watching me.
i started asking why !!! what happened ???
i was confused. what’s going on? i don’t want to tell my mother. then i thought that i was tired, so the same thoughts will continue.
wandered into the cool village and came home.
i talked to my mother, ate a nice dish and relaxed. my mother started asking how long is the holiday. i just talked for two more days. my mother said ok. we ate and slept together at night. i was in my room. i realized that someone was running into my room. there was no sound or movement at all.

but i didn’t really feel the sound like my sister’s sound at all. it was too loud. and why was it coming to me because when my mother turned off the light, she should have heard it too, but she slept soundly. i was coming.

then i felt as if there was a pillow under my head, as if someone’s thigh. and slowly, as if someone was moving his hand over his head. this is what starts which only starts in my case.

now that pajjan sound was coming closer to me and was stopping near my head. at this time i could feel some smell, it was familiar. yes, i immediately realized that when i was standing under the tree that day, i felt such a smell. it was. but how can the same smell of that day come today. it was raining heavily outside. it is still raining today. i was just thinking …

suddenly the light started. and i felt the sound of running. mother was up. she came to my room. i immediately took off the sheet. my mother started looking at me. i was drenched in sweat. my mother started asking what happened. ??? i didn’t say anything. hawa opened the window so she had come to close.

she sat next to me and asked if i had a bad dream. i didn’t say anything. she said get up, go to baba and go to sleep and i got up immediately and went to baba and went to sleep. my mother turned off the light and the sound started again.

when i woke up in the morning, my mother started asking, and now that i was completely scared, i needed to tell her.
i told my mother all the facts from that day to last night. my mother was also scared and she immediately took me to a baba in the village. that baba had a lot of crowd. this is what they do.
he was a very old man..he was wearing a white beard and dhoti.

there was a big stone in front of him. and baba used to pick up that stone while sitting. either he was so old and he was lifting a heavy stone from above. he was saying that if the stone was lifted from him then nothing is all right. it was too late for me to come and i was looking at other people. and how can anyone really lift such a heavy stone by sitting on that stone.

it’s time for my mother to tell me everything first. and then she put both her hands on the stone. and what !!! instead of picking up the stone, he tried again, as if he were buried in the ground. he was not picked up. and he said yes, someone is keeping his eyes on it and he also told the direction.

that tree is in the same direction. and i came by the road in the same direction, but i didn’t tell him anything, but how did he tell me the direction. so i had to believe it.

his mother asked him for a solution. so he told her to pour water in a copper pot for 5 days and one lemon every 5 days by turning it on herself and throw the water in the same direction in the morning. and he said that i was the only one who could hear the sound because of my light weight.

we came home. but i was scared again at night. mom said i would sleep next to you too. and i did as she was told and fell asleep.
i wanted to do this for 5 days, so i took another vacation. and after doing this for 5 days, i felt that everything was the same as before. and 5 days later i left for our hostel.

it was my only room there. i was scared on the first day because it was in my head. but after the sound, i didn’t feel anything like that. it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.
even today, the thought comes to mind that the presentiment that was known on that tree had come with me.

finished ..

thank you.

preeti ghasle..💫🌼

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take care someone, that’s only for you take care of me all that time, Every moment I spent with you keep those memories with me, which I have woven with you all the time take care of my own self, I cherish the one who is only with you you keep me those memories in…

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only for you

take care someone, that’s only for you take care of me all that time, Every moment I spent with you keep those memories with me, which I have woven with you all the time take care of my own self, I cherish the one who is only with you you keep me those memories in…

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