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selfish ….. (short story)



man is selfish, but to harm someone’s life for selfishness is not in his hands.  it is not up to anyone to decide what to do with it, but there are many who do.  those who exercise their rights. pretend to do good to someone for selfish en


this is an incident based on the fact that a person can go to any extent for a selfish purpos



“prallad mohate” was a well-known householder. he had no shortage of money. the house was full of servants and cars.  sudha kept quiet because she was a little scared of mohate. “ravi” when he was young.  it was then that mohate brought an orphaned poor girl to his hou

they brought her to their home, provided her with all the comforts and nicknamed her “sneha”. she and ravi had grown up together

sneha was very beautiful to look at and smart in all her work.  everyone who came and went sang her praises. at least in her house she used to give her example. “sneha” knew that she was an orphan.  and she has been brought to your home by mohate since childhood

so she would blindly say yes to everything mohate did. and because of this mohate also kept her under his arms

she loved education, so they sent her to the best school in her village.  but say the opposite !!!  mohate’s only son who was mentally retarded from birth.  they had already thought of him, so when he was mentally retarded, it was his home

sneha used to serve ravi along with her studies. and since she was a child, ravi used to spend more time with her

now sneha was in 10th class. she passed 10th class with a good percentage after studying a lot. everyone in the house was happy

when sneha asks mohte about this, he tells her.  now you are old enough to get married.  when you hear them say that you can do whatever you want after marriage first …..

sneha doesn’t talk to him about it. she talks to mohate’s wife sudha kaku.  they are not talking about marriage right now. but now mohate’s real interest was to be revealed, when sneha mohate agrees to talk to pandit about her marriage to her son ravi. pandit asks them if sneha has any problem.  ?????. mohate tells pandit that !!!!, he had brought sneha to his house for the same reason that she is an orphan girl.  who will give the girl. and how much sneha is lacking, whatever it is, the survey is hers.  and we’re so thankful for her, i’m sure she’ll say yes. she’s shocked to hear that

she knew in that look that he had failed her.  but she did not think in her dream that she would have to repay them in such a way

she knew in that look that he had no choice. even though ravi was physically weak, she had no objection, but he did not know that he was mentally retarded.  in the end, she had to do it, because she had to do it to pay their respects.  and this she had decided now

when mohte comes to ask her, she agrees to him without any question, agrees to his and ravi’s marriage.  so, ravi walks around the house as a wedding but, he knows what is happening

but, should a really mentally retarded child get married ??  given this, is it right to take on such a big responsibility in front of you !!!. it is all a matter of consideration.  understand your rights to it


preparations for the wedding begin. everyone at home is happy. while ravi was a teenager, he underwent physical and mental changes, but his intellect did not develop naturally, so he could only think up to the level of marriag

after marriage, sneha had to face many things.  many times she had to endure physical harassment through ravi.  but, kunal will tell.  all she had to do was endure


it’s been a year like this. she decides to think about herself now.  and as mohate said, she decided to complete her education in front of her. and in front of her, she completed her twelfth and later educatio


and now she is in a senior position in a social welfare office. today ravi is in her illness, but she has fulfilled her responsibility completely. and today she is standing on her fee





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