She Always Told Me- Preeti Ghasle - Answer Digitally
She Used To Say Often – Preeti Ghasle

she used to say often
I am yours!!

was angry with me,
Not talking!!!

used to celebrate me
Whether it’s my fault!!!

used to hurt me
Often on purpose!!!!

gone today
so far from me!!!

who will say now
I am yours!!!

who will cry now
From little things to me!!!

Who will celebrate me now….
Who will hurt me now?

I often think of this now
I will come!!!

Why does love come
in life when
Don’t want to be together!!!

Why do dreams show
When it just doesn’t have to be full!!!

You just have to remain in remembrance,
So why do you leave it in the memories!!!

Had to leave so much
So why are you trapped in the sky?

very difficult
Take care of this heart!!!

Remember that it is not done
And if it comes, it gives a pain in the heart!!!

Who stays with you for a lifetime!!!!
Doesn’t even give up!!!!
no matter how hard you try
do it!!!!

His memory will never go from this heart

Preeti Ghasle

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take care someone, that’s only for you take care of me all that time, Every moment I spent with you keep those memories with me, which I have woven with you all the time take care of my own self, I cherish the one who is only with you you keep me those memories in…

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