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The feeling of an invisible force in the house

the feeling of an invisible force in the house …


algae was a settlement of 200 to 300 people of the almost reformed, similarly reformed tribe, “algae”.  i used to take it there and sell it

in the same village, a man named “ramu” lived with his wife, “meena” and brother “mangesh”, and ramu and meena’s 2-year-old son “sonu” all lived in the same village.  mangesh was studying in a nearby village, ramu was in a better condition in his village, that is, he was earning better than others, that’s why his house was made of stone and mud. he had taken good care of all the beautiful flower garden in front of the house and the vegetable garden.  both mangesh and meena used to help him in every task. so it all started smoothly




ramu used to say that there used to be a cremation ground next to the place where he had built his vegetable garden, but now it was completely destroyed. everything started as a whole.  ramu’s wife used to earn some money at home by selling vegetables from her farm, as her son was young and was constantly cry

meena’s habit is that everyone seems to follow this habit, she used to frighten her son at meal time and he used to eat with that fear. she used to tell him (sonu) not to eat, otherwise “juju” will come and the boy will go fast.  the meal ends. mina’s work is done quickly




she was so busy with her work that she did not realize that the boy was playing alone for hours. the household items were not in place, but she wondered if the boy was play

she was running around normally, once a lady comes to their house, calls from outside to pick vegetables, “meena” meena goes out, and goes to the castle with her. here the boy is laughing alone in the house. when meena comes back, she realizes that  the boy is talking to someone, and he is playing with gestures. as he gives voice to him, he starts to cry. he calms him down but he immediately looks at the room and starts laughing. it is as if someone is playing with him and laughing.  he discusses all this with ramu. he doesn’t just say anything. he also takes it easy

one day mangesh is sitting at home studying, minu leaves his son with some toys near mangesh and goes to the castle, there is no one else in the house but mangesh feels that someone is calling sonu from his room. and sonu also tries to enter the room smiling.  mangesh is shocked to see all this and takes sonu and runs straight to the castle. and tells minu all the facts. now both minu and mangesh suspected that something was wrong

when ramu comes home from work in the evening, mangesh and minu tell him everything that happened today, but ramu doesn’t believe it at all, so he slaps them both and tells them to eat and sleep.  they both look at each other and go to their room in panic

the next morning, as it was a holiday, everyone was at home, the school was closed, the market was closed

minu was feeding raju, and was saying “juju” if you don’t eat, sonu will also come to the room and show her hand and say “juju” “juju”. everyone started laughing because they thought sonu was one of them.  juu must be saying “ju ju”, and ramu smiles and says to minu that you always show him the fear of ju ju, so today he is showing you ju ju. and everyone starts laughing



this is how the holiday goes, the next day minu finishes his work as usual and lets sonu eat in the afternoon and says that if you don’t eat it again, ju will come. today, sonu was not feeling well.  she says so, but it is as if someone is behind her.  “ju ju aala” !!!!!!  she stops eating and now she wants to believe her ears again, so she says again, if the baby doesn’t eat then “ju ju” will come, now that her voice is very close and cl

“ju ju” has arrived !!!

she shudders and runs away without looking back



now she is completely convinced that there is someone else in her house besides her. and today, under any circumstances, ramu will be able to convince h

it was evening, but minu did not come home. when ramu came, she started telling him everything, but tired ramu went straight to the room. minu puts sonu down and goes into the room.  he calmed down and heard a voice saying, “joo joo ne khalele”, both of them are running out.  seeing this, minu falls down screaming and gives up his life. and ramu is so shocked that he stops talking.  all the villagers are scared when they see the scene. mahesh tells all the incidents that took place in those days. but now everything is destroyed here

at home now only mangesh and his half-alive elder brother, ramu would not talk to anyone after all these incidents, he would stay at home and constantly make something on paper, after which his condition deteriorated and he could not live long

and then mangesh goes to live with his mama as he is alone. mama had a 3 year old daughter. she used to play constantly and mangesh used to look at her. one day mangesh asks her what she does. she tells him to play with her friend.  when my friend heard “ju ju”, mangesh started cutting his layers and looking at him straight, his face was like a picture made by his brother (ramu)




let us know what you think of the story …

.. preeti ghasle 🌼🌼


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