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The prank goes wrong an uninvited guest comes home

Those days of school are really memorable. That friend of the school is having fun with new experiences of everything. He is having different fun outside the school.
Sometimes walking around, sometimes there, sometimes at his house, sometimes at his birthday party. Sometimes it is an excuse to go home after school bunk, sometimes it is a new movie, so all of them run away together with new excuses. No one has done all these things !!!!, maybe there is someone who has not enjoyed all these things at school ..

They sit on the backbencher just to have more fun.

That’s how we got some friends known as backbenchers.
We are seven friends
We were in 9th grade at that time. It was just our job to have fun at school every day and to make fun of the rest of our friends. It was even more fun to watch. One of our friends was Suraj. He used to do very good acting. It was a lot of fun for all the friends to come together.
A friend of mine, Manoj, one of the seven of us, was working for a company in his father’s house. He had got a cotter from that company. Whether he lived in that room or not, he lived in the house of one of his relatives, because there was no proper dining facility and Manoj lived there with his father, so he was close to Cotter.

What was going on, we were having a lot of fun. After half an hour of study, we were having fun. Once Rohit said, oh !! Let’s try it without (Aiza ​​Board) ?? Have fun I asked hey what is it ?? He tells us everything. We secretly prepare and sit for him.
Seeing that nothing was happening, we just had fun. But he gave us a joke that we would discuss in class tomorrow if we did it all, and who really came.

He will frighten everyone and if no one will believe then we will bring him and frighten him ….
Suraj, if you do good acting, we will show that someone has come into your body and Manoj, you will turn off the window and Ravi, you will turn off the light. OK! We’ll see who to bring tomorrow.

Having said that, we all go to our homes having fun and preparing for tomorrow. When I go home, I fall asleep thinking that tomorrow will be a lot of fun.

The next morning when everyone meets at school. In the recess we gather and tell everyone what we did last night and by that the one we called came and we all asked him something about us. And he answered us all. It was a lot of fun asking about you. Any of you know? If you want to do it with this Amu. Today we will call again and ask some other questions.

One of them says Rajesh, aren’t you scared ???? Fear doesn’t bother you !! They answer and leave. I asked you something about your future, so come today …

Rajesh really what !!! The answer is whoever he is …. we all started talking to him Oh !! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me

We came to our house after school and went to the room for evening study. On the way, everyone shared their work to scare Rajesh. And reached the room.
Rajesh also came, he was feeling a little calm.
I said what happened. Then my mother got angry.
Manoj asked why !!
If you say no to your mother?
Rajesh spoke …..
No Ray !! If he had said so, his mother would have given him a little.
Manoj ….. So what happened? Ka ragavali aaye.
As for such a study …
Just said permission will meet today. are upset !!
Suraj ….. okay today you ask everything then !!!!
And we all laughed out loud ….

We sat down to study.
The study was done. Everyone put aside their books and started preparing.
Rajesh was watching.
We put it in the board, lit candles on all four sides and put the coin coming on yes no.

Everyone shook hands …
Eyes rolled.
When I opened my eyes, Rajesh was scared. His eyes were closed.
Me, Rajesh, Suraj, Manoj, Vikas, Kishor, Ravi
All seven of us sat around that board.
After a while I started talking. If we have a calm soul, let him come.
I was staring with open eyes.
And was pointing to the sun.
All ready ..
Manoj got up and turned off the light
Rajesh felt the lights go off
Understood by his movements.
Then Ravi got up and turned the window off.

Rajesh was even more frightened.
Then it was Suraj’s turn to act
We asked Rajesh to open his eyes.
And he said that he has come in the body of the sun. He was very scared. We asked who you are.
Suraj ….. I was a criminal. My opponent killed me. Why did you call … Rajesh just kept looking at him.
I ….. oh Rajesh think what do you want to ask …

Rajesh ….. Mmmmmmmmmm
He didn’t know what to say …

At that point, the sun ……..
Hey what ???? Why called
Speak quickly !!!!?

I ……. will pass
That fails.SSSSSS

You will fail

We laughed a lot while talking to Suraj ..
Suraj ….. gossip …

Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!

Rajesh …. who will become my girlfriend ….. LLLLLLLL

Suraj ….. you want to know this …
No …….
Your wedding is not going to happen ……

Rajesh ….. K.A.

You are nervous
What are you talking about

And I Rajesh fell silent …

Some more that I go …..
I …… You go now ….

The sun …… falls down while acting.

And he speaks as he goes.

Rajesh …… who are you ..
Anything …. yes

It should be on board …
How in the body of the sun ……

Oh, sometimes he gets older.
He convinced her.

Rajesh …. does this tell the truth?
I will really fail …
We laughed out loud.

The sun …… what happened ..
We pretended to tell him.
The ghost called it a failure …

He just laughed …

Sun ….. oh practice then …

Rajesh Bichara … got angry and said yes, I will study.

As soon as he left, we held our stomachs and smiled.
And we started talking about tomorrow’s goat.

Suraj ….. let’s see who is in school ..
Now let’s go to Awara, so we all went out. This was our daily routine.
And by doing the same thing every day we do that
All gone ….

The next day …..

Rajesh at school …. silent
He was still thinking that I would fail and not even my

We discussed recess again at school.
Then Ganesh was found again … He was ready on one foot.
So I have a lot to ask …

We were all ready to call him today …
It was very exciting. I am not afraid. So Suraj had to prepare more today.

We left school and went home.
We packed dinner and went to the room to study.

We talked to Suraj on the street and said that today is your real test. Let’s see if acting frightens Ganesh or not. We went to all the rooms to see if it was Suraj.

Ganesh is cool …..
Come on, let’s get ready …
We are all amazed.
Ganesh …. Oh !!!
After the study, call first.
Let’s do that first …. I want to see ..
Bhutala ….
Suraj …. oh crazy he will look a little ..
Oh, you didn’t even speak !!!!

Yes it comes in anyone’s body ..

Ganesh … come on, what are you shooting ..
Did i meet you To you

Sun …. oh yes !!
Ganesh … I heard that in this board he answers you through coins.
I want to see if the coin really moves ??

Manoj … I think he seems to be fully prepared.

I ….. Let’s start, let’s see if he comes to the body today and answers through the board.

Manoj, Suraj, everyone looks at me and I signal to everyone.

All ready ….

That board is removed, the coin is placed.

Candles are lit.

And we start.
Hand in hand …
And speaks ..
Let the satisfied soul who is near us come.
She should come
She should come

I beckoned to Suraj. He beckoned Ravi to close the window. Ganesh was told to keep his eyes closed. He was just stunned.

Ravi woke up to turn the lights off. He did it too. And finally it was the turn of the sun …
But this time the door suddenly opened and we all started looking at the door. When the door suddenly opened, everyone got scared …

It was also new for Ganesh.
But he didn’t know that it was not in our plan. Then Ravi got up and closed the door. And we all started looking at the sun now because it was time for him to act.

Suraj …… suddenly spoke up.
What the heck !!!!
Why did the boys call me?
And began to speak quite differently.
That’s how I said it, let’s see, it’s your test, show it to Ganesh, he must be acting differently.

But, then suddenly, like the wind, he never knew that he came after Ganesha. And Ganesh started moving loudly. Say what you want to say. He got scared. And started looking at me. I also kept looking at him. Nowadays he never does that.

But this time we were also amazed by his new look.
Then he came up to me and slapped me hard on the cheek.
I grabbed my cheek and sat away. Because this slap was not normal.

Suraj called Manoj to you ..
He looked at me and got up.
And he hit him hard too.
He said, “Give me something to eat now.”

Shouted loudly ….

Sun …. I don’t know, you can eat without calling me …

Ravi ……. who are you ????
So he said …
Suraj ….. I was living near here a few days ago I died.

And now you call me back.
So my wish has to be fulfilled.

I …… what we wish to fulfill.
We called you to ask questions.
He came forward as he wanted …
Snoring, he twisted my ear …

I shouted.I ….. c !!!!

Sun …… do as much as you say ..
Go and get some cool chicken now !!!
Ravi and Manoj got up immediately …

Ganesh and I were sitting quietly watching.

I noticed that this time our fun was on.
Calling for fun every day, this time we have called in a real way.
And this time, someone really came and went in Suraj’s body.

In a short time Ravi and Manoj came with chicken and honey. We were shocked to see what he did. So soon he finished it all.

And he said no one will go anywhere from here and bring me what I say or I will take it with you..he used the body of the sun.and if he took his body from here then what will we answer to his house We all started to believe it.

His only condition is that where you have not fulfilled my request, I will take it and leave.
We were all helpless. So we said yes.

Every day he was bringing something from home and he was asking for new things. We had to complete it. We came to Suraj’s house saying that we were preparing for the study.

Now the demand for it was very high. We were bothered by lying at home. One day I met a grandfather at school, he is a good friend of ours. Tell me if there is any problem with what he said. Ravi and I immediately started telling him everything.

Grandpa shouted earlier ..
And then he looked at our faces and said, there is a mosque outside the village, there is a father. He will probably help you. I will talk to him today.

We got ready. We told Suraj to have a nice meal and took him there. After she left, Baba understood everything. He asked why he was doing it. Who is this? What did this boy do? What did this boy do? He will not do it again.

Tell me what you want, we will do it, but the condition is that you have to give it up. Tell me what you want. ???

He shouted, “If you call me here, bring me new clothes, bring me nice chicken meat, I will leave it only when I eat …”

They were all ready. They made all the preparations. And then they told him to go and after a while he left.

The sun rose and began to speak of what I was doing here. We were all happy. Dad gave us a thread to tie. And he warned us that such things are very expensive. Never do that …

We all listened.
Will never do that
And we got out of there …

The next day at school everyone started asking.
What happened

We watched anyone talk about it.

Really don’t get in such a mess ….
The fun comes …

This thing turned us on.
We never did these things again …

Even today, remembering those days, the layer is shaking.

Really expensive pranks …

Preeti Ghasle …

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