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Vetiver (plant)

What exactly does “hair” mean ?????

Due to the lockdown, those who are sitting at home are still warm outside. It may not have been estimated. The story of Mumbai-Pune is a bit different.
The temperature in Jalgaon, Ahmednagar has gone up to 41 degrees Celsius. This is just the beginning. Summer !!!!!!!

As the temperature rises in Vidarbha, everyone remembers the sand dunes!
He is the savior of the sand.

Vetiveria zizaniodies is the classical name for the hair that breaks into the grass species.
The leaves are very parallel from bud to top. These glossy green leaves are very long, short in width and tapering towards the tip.

Also some are rough. The height of the trees is maximum one and half meter. This grass grows in abundance in sunny places.
They grow up to cm
It takes about two years to get ready for harvest.


But, what we call Vala, he
Vala is the root of this plant!
The root is understood to be the most important part of it
The roots are very versatile. Mainly
The roots are removed in the month of April.
They are washed with water and used to cut thick roots.
Or hoard.

To reduce inflammation in summer, add a jug of sand to the water and experience it.
This reduces water impurities
The benefit is accompanied.

In Vidarbha, Akshay Tritiye makes a sweet and sour food called “Chinch Wani” from the root of the hair.
Ayurvedic medicines, soaps, incense sticks, perfumes etc.
It is used for making oil as well.
If the sun is causing inflammation of the limbs, then sand
Heat trouble if drunk in root water
It does not happen.

Finger by root cap and round ring
In Vidarbha, it does not affect the wool
Make curtains for windows. Leaves thin and straight
Therefore, ropes can be made. The soil on the hill slope should not be carried in the river nala
So on the dam as well as on the sloping farmland
Almost to block the soil by planting
Get rid of the sand.

In the past, Bhandara district used to cultivate sand in abundance. Nowadays, this quantity has decreased a lot.
The aroma of white thick roots of sand lasts for many days
It is easily possible to do in the garden.

The upper part of the grass that is left after cutting the roots is called “thomb”
You can get Gavaran saplings / thomb at a price.
Precious hair can be obtained.

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